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Mounted Pen-Raised Ducks For Sale all with Federal Transfer Papers!

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by WildAboutFowl, Apr 16, 2017.

  1. Mounted Pen-Raised Ducks for Sale. Email for prices and photo!
    All come with a copy of the Federal Paperwork Form 3-186!

    The following pen-raised/farm raised ducks are available now:
    1. Pacific Eider - Drake
    2. Harlequin - Drake
    3. Mallard - Drake
    4. Mandarin - Drake
    5. Ring Teal - Drake
    6. Chiloe/Chiloen Widgeon - Drake
    7. 4 Pintail - Drake
    8. Barrows Goldeneye - Drake
    9. Cinnamon Teal - Drake
    10. Lesser Scaup - Drake
    11. Baikal Teal - Drake
    12. Green Winged/Cinnamon Teal - Drake (Cross)
    13. Blue Winged/Shoveler - Drake (Cross)
    14. Brazilian Teal/Rosybilled Pochard - Drake (Cross)
    15. Redhead - Drake

    Email is: [email protected]
  2. How much are the Harlequin Drakes

  3. James Greenhill

    James Greenhill New Member

    Hello can I get a price list on what you have left thank you [email protected]

  4. These are for mounted pen-raised waterfowl and upland game birds. All come with a Form 3-186 transfer paper.

  5. They are mounted pen-raised waterfowl (Captive Reared) and Upland Game Birds. All come with federal transfer form 3-186.
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  6. Glad to see this.
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