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K. Nelson- Skinnedfawx Taxidermy

Discussion in 'Buyers and Sellers' started by cynpeterson, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. cynpeterson

    cynpeterson Active Member

    Anyone been able to get a hold of K. Nelson? I've been trying for over 4 months now with no luck. Tried their email, facebook, deviantart....nada.
  2. cynpeterson

    cynpeterson Active Member

    Yeah, it makes the lack of replying extra annoying.

  3. I have posted an update on my facebook page and will be replying to your message shortly, please check there. Email is too unreliable for me (I have not received any recent emails from you) and I no longer use deviantart. Thanks
  4. cynpeterson

    cynpeterson Active Member

    Good to know! Thanks for the response! Just let me know what's the best way to contact you in the future.
    I've been using [email protected] for all of my email messages.
  5. cynpeterson

    cynpeterson Active Member

    Tried to contact you on Facebook, but couldn't get a hold of you. Taxidermy.net seems like it works for you? Looking for a tracking number since I haven't received anything yet.
  6. halion

    halion New Member

    I'm waiting on a response as well on a red fox that needed to be sent to the tannery a few months ago :/
  7. cynpeterson

    cynpeterson Active Member

    Bringing this to the top. It's been 4 years now and every form of communication feels like pulling teeth with her. Mount was finally finished the first week of August with pictures as proof. I was told it would be shipped in the next few days after that. Tried contacting her last week about the fact that it never arrived. Haven't heard a peep.

    She does good work but is totally unreliable.
  8. Krazyokami

    Krazyokami New Member

    Use their facebook, they've revealed they're done with the hobby.
  9. Finally remembered my log in for this site.

    Situation has been resolved between myself and buyer.

    Not done with the hobby, but being responsible by not accepting any new commission work until my long current workload list is completed.

    If anyone needs to contact me, please do so via my Facebook page. I am most active there when I'm online. I barely check anything else. Thank you.
  10. Krazyokami

    Krazyokami New Member

    Pardon, my mistake