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Cape fitting issues

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by E. Byrd, Apr 23, 2017.

  1. E. Byrd

    E. Byrd Member

    I don't understand why I keep having trouble getting my capes to fit on the forms. I'm measuring exactly how I'm suppose to and yet when i order the form and go to put it together it's too tight. I end up having to order another form or shave the one I have. (My own deer). Should I buy one of the expensive stretchers or how much smaller than my measurements should I order the form?
  2. Tanglewood Taxidermy

    Tanglewood Taxidermy Well-Known Member

    How are your capes prepared? Fleshing, salting, drying, home tan, DP, commercial tannery? What is your measuring procedure? Where is it too tight? How are you stretching the capes, Do you use a hide paste and what kind? Are you doing a full incision, short "Y", burr to burr?

    The answer to your question lies in the answers to my questions.

  3. E. Byrd

    E. Byrd Member

    I use krowtann. I do shave the hide , do not have a stretcher other than using my arms inside the cape. I use short y . Well what I call short y. I cut about 6-7 inches down the neck It's almost always tight at the b and d measurements and sometimes where the shoulders meet the neck
  4. tem

    tem Well-Known Member

    are your measurements befor or after you tan.
  5. E. Byrd

    E. Byrd Member

  6. rogerswildlife

    rogerswildlife Rogers Wildlife Taxidermy Tommy Rogers

    Always measure after you tan .
  7. Or purchase an Inflate-O-cape!
  8. E. Byrd

    E. Byrd Member

    Thanks. Maybe that's my problem. I've been measuring the green cape so I could have my stuff ordered and there shortly after it's done tanning.
  9. Or you could make one, like I did. I bought everything at our local junk yard for under 20 bucks. If you have a welder you are set to go. I have used it for a couple capes and it works great. It beats paying 300+ for one through a supply company.

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  10. Here"s another pictures.

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  11. 3bears

    3bears Well-Known Member

    Yes measure after tanning. Measure the meat after you cape it, not the skin. The skin stretches to some extent during the skinning and fleshing process. Once tanned your capes should at least fit the meat measurement and often times go bigger, if tanned and thinned properly. If they don't you need to adjust your tanning process or change it all together.

    TIMBUCK Active Member

    Its in the shaving with any tan especially krowtan.. If the cape is shaved thin enough you will not have a problem. If not then you will. Its as simple as that.

    TIMBUCK Active Member

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with this practice as long as you shave your capes thin.. As long as you are not stretching the green cape before you measure it it should fit. There is no reason to mount a deer with a smaller neck than his cape measured green..
  14. GWebb

    GWebb Well-Known Member

    Are you pulling your cape back up on the neck as you sew it? Your cape is almost always stretched lengthwise due to the tanning/hanging/draining and such. Even after you stretch the width back out prior to placing it on the form you can lose some of it when you go to place it on the form. I always sew mine then take a stout ruffer and pull the sewn portion back up the neck, often times having it bunch up behind the head/ears, depending on how long my relief cut is, which results in you sewing in a smaller diameter portion of the form. Have hide paste on your form pretty close to your sew line. Once I'm done sewing it up I will take and turn the form up side down on my stand and slide the cape back up the neck to where I can take a brush with hide paste and put it under my seam that was sewn. Then take the stout ruffer and start moving your cape back down.
  15. Wild Images

    Wild Images New Member

    inner tubes help to stretch awkward short y capes

    I also have a few different boat bumpers that work really well
  16. Brent W

    Brent W New Member

    What GWebb said. A lot of times the cape is pulled tt far back and then its too tight from half way down the neck to the shoulders.
  17. nelsondeerfarm

    nelsondeerfarm me and THE BUCKMAN !!!

    I krowtann as well. I used to have this issue, but since I started really paying attention to the direction sheet, I realized I was never adding baking soda to the neutralizing mix. Now I do and I never have issues. The neutralizing is everybit as important as any other step, and I guess I didn't respect that enough to read the directions properly. I am too stubborn sometimes in doing the simplest things.
  18. Tanglewood Taxidermy

    Tanglewood Taxidermy Well-Known Member

    I started to get about 1 to 2 inches stretch beyond the stretched green hide when I started shaving ultra thin during the pickle and oiled it real good after I tanned it.
  19. boarhunter67

    boarhunter67 Well-Known Member

    Measure the carcass, not the hide. Shave after 3 days in the krowtann. Neutralize well. One thing that I noticed is my hides were never neutralized enough when I followed the directions exactly. I had to add double the baking soda it called for and leave it in for 30 minutes for deer. Wash, drip or spin semi dry so it's not dripping. do your final detail shaving of the face and other prep work. Oil and stretch. I put the oil on and put a stretcher in the cape and bag it for a few hours. For me it's much easier to sew to a short Y and stretch and mount than to sew up the whole back if a cape has been cut the whole length.
  20. John L

    John L Active Member

    I read every reply and boarhunter67 I believe nailed it. I had the same experience. I use the amount of baking soda in the directions maybe a little more and leave for at least 30 mins. It made a huge difference. Not related to the krowtan I started stretching my capes out really good after salting and before I put them in the pickle seem to help a lot.