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Brand new to Taxidermy...need advice please

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by LauraLynn, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. LauraLynn

    LauraLynn New Member

    Hi there, I am just about to start my first skinning and it happens to be a Mink (I've been trying hard to get a squirrel to start on but a Mink is all my Step-Dad could get me). I have done TONS of research and watched a lot of tutorials but they were mostly for squirrels or raccoons, as free Mink tutorials are hard to come by. So I'm thinking I will have to split the lip, turn the ears, skin down to end of toes then cut the last knuckles. I also plan on using DP and just using that. Do you think that will be sufficient enough?? I also got some Balmex to inject into the feet and ears to make sure they don't shrivel or get bugs. Anything else anyone with experience would suggest or recommend? I can't wait to start but i want to make sure I know as much as I can before I begin. All advice is welcome and I will be thankful for it! Hope you all have a great day!! ;D
  2. well I hope you like the smell, mink are strong smelling,, yes you should split the lips, as for the ears I just card them you could put some injection fluid on them (fur side ) their is not much their for a bug to get to, and the feet, I leave the toe bones in and shoot a bit of latex caulk in to fill them, very little is needed !! either you will need to split the tail and re sew,, or put some of your injection fluid down the opening after you pull the bone out, then run a wire up the tail skin and pump it with some calk, to fill it out,, what you have seen on mounting a squirrel is the same you will do for a mink and all the small mamals. As for the dry presurve, I hate that stuff but it will work,

    good luck give it your best shot,


  3. by the way wear eye protection and latex gloves when dealing with Balmex or any chemical like that
  4. GWebb

    GWebb Well-Known Member

    Sure hope you have a female. I skinned a buck mink one time and cut his glands. Smelled like a combination of armpits/arse that hadn't been washed in 6 months!!
  5. LauraLynn

    LauraLynn New Member

    Thank you so much Michael J and GWebb!! i'm not sure if it's a female or male yet, i'm picking it up in a couple of weeks.
    Yes, i was nervous about the scent glands, I plan on skinning that area as carefully as I possibly can to avoid rupturing one of them, but I will be doing that outside just to be on the safe side! Excellent advise about the eyewear and gloves also!
    Michael J~~ I was thinking of using Critter Clay in the feet as I already have some of that, but would that not work as well as the caulk?
    Oh! One more question, does anyone know if i can just freeze the hide while i wait for my form to arrive in the mail, or is there a better option??
    Ok thanks again guys!! Super appreciative! ;)
  6. clay is fine for the feet, I skin mine up the spine easier to sew up, and yes you can measure it frozen when you get it, lenght is most importiain, thaw it when the form arrives and go to it all in one day,
  7. LauraLynn

    LauraLynn New Member

    Michael J~~ just out of curiosity, why do you hate DP?? Is it not as good or maybe hard to work with?? Sorry to keep bugging you but I just wanna learn as much as I can before I jump in. Thanks
  8. ortegageno

    ortegageno Active Member

    Many people prefer a tanned skin to work with rather than a raw hide.
  9. mopsrdrawer67

    mopsrdrawer67 Member

    And I think the most important thing you need is "time". It sounds like you have the knowledge needed, but set aside an entire day for this. It will take you lots more than you originally thought and the last thing you want to do is rush through it. No great mounts are accomplished by rushing. Good luck. Greg.
  10. LauraLynn

    LauraLynn New Member

    Thank you all so much for all the advice and help! Here is my first mount! Her name is Annette.

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