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Any ideas???

Discussion in 'Habitat and Exhibit' started by TeriBryant, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. Thank you in advance for your help. We use grout to build really nice rock habitats for ALOT of our mounts. We are looking for something other than Modpodge to seal it with. Grout sealers recommended by grout suppliers are mixed with the grout instead of water and have a stain resistance so painting on the grout is useless. Modpodge goes on white and dries clear EXCEPT in the carved out places where it puddles and stays white. I have ruined several habitats using Modpodge. What do you use to seal your rock habitats? Any ideas what I can use? Again, thanks for any ideas you may have...
  2. BrookeSFD16

    BrookeSFD16 Well-Known Member

    Clear matte in a spray can?

  3. 3bears

    3bears Well-Known Member

    If you are going to use grout, don't use the sealer mixed in. Paint and then seal with another form of sealer or clear, as suggested, then it protects the paint , to some extent.
  4. That's where I am stumped as to what kind of sealer to use after grouting and painting the rock. We use the grout color for the base of the rock and use acrylic paints to add details to the rock. The rocks are beautiful and realistic but very fragile, if scraped or bumped.
  5. I wonder if the matte clear spray paint would make my detail paint run? I use pour foam to build the rocks, will that make a difference?
  6. BrookeSFD16

    BrookeSFD16 Well-Known Member

    Test a spot and see. And you may want to do several light coats of spray instead of a heavy one.

    Also, you can mix dye into your foam so if it does get chipped it won't be as obvious. The So Strong tints from Reynolds Advanced Materials work great. A 8.00$ bottle will last year's since it only takes a drop or two. They also carry black foam.
  7. 3bears

    3bears Well-Known Member

    If you let your paint dry and then give a first tack coat of clear, and then a heavier coat or coats there after, it should not run, This is how I clear fish, but with gloss. Grout is too granular and as you stated, separates easy, I don't use it. I use lightweight joint compound. There is another post referring to it's use here recently. You can add color in it and texture while it is wet or after, depending on your desired outcome.
  8. Teto

    Teto New Member

    I use Elmers glue mixed with water in a spray bottle on most of my habitat bases. 50/50 mix. Not sure if it would work on your rocks?
  9. AubreyW

    AubreyW Member

    I'm a tile man .
    Make it, paint it, then seal with most any sealer you want.
    Matt spray should be fine.

    I'd.make the rock, then make a mold.of it if it were me.
    Will lighten the weight tremendously. Add strength the the final product.
    Then paint and seal.as desired.
  10. Jerry Huffaker

    Jerry Huffaker Active Member

    30% clear latex caulk 70% water , use a pump sprayer and soak it 2-4 times
  11. What Jerry said x 2, works great
  12. boarhunter67

    boarhunter67 Active Member

    If you use Power Grout, you don't have to seal it.