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wholesale work ?

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by fish stuffer, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. fish stuffer

    fish stuffer Active Member

    I've heard that some do wholesale work along side their regular customers work. Does this work out? Can you do both at the same time? For example, I'm just making this scenero up. If I charge 300 for a mallard mount, but I have other taxidermists that don't like or can't do ducks and they bring me 50 a year. I give them a lower rate, so they can make something off the deal too. I have several others also that I do ducks for. The price depends on how many you bring me a year. 50 a year, I'll do them for 200 each.

    If my regular customers get wind of it, wouldn't they say, hey dude, why are you charging me 300 when you do his for 2? Anybody ever heard of a taxi doing this?

    Next question, just for conversation, How much would you feel you have to make off the deal? If you had a wholesale guy that you trusted, liked his work, and you could give him all your ducks or fish and that would leave you free to concentrate on all those gameheads you have? Not counting pickup and delivery, sometimes he would come to you, next time you go to him.

    Here's the way I look at it, if I turn down a duck, he's taking it somewhere else and then he meets my compitition, likes all of his work and next year he might decide to take his deer to the other guy. I just lost a regular deer customer because I didn't mount ducks. If I had taken the duck in, and wholesaled it out, I would still have my satisfied customer and made a few dollars on the duck.
    Even if I didn't make anything off the duck, at least I didn't have to send him away saying, "sorry, we don't do ducks."

    Anybody want to comment? I'm just tring to learn something here. Thanks
  2. gab

    gab Active Member

    it's extremely normal to do them side by side.shouldn't need a minimum.one reason you should be able to charge less is less hassle than dealing with a retail client.by having wholesale clients you are able to survive and keep your doors open for retail clients.

  3. Dark Man

    Dark Man Well-Known Member

    Most of my work comes from wholesaling ducks, I set my prices just like I normally do except i cut my shop rate in half when figuring the price.my profit is enough to make me happy and the other taxi gets caught up on his back log.as far as your little regular clients catching wind of you doing wholesale work for other taxidermist cheaper the only way I can think they would find out is if they heard it from you or from another taxidermist I've never been confronted with the issue, just the usual guys trying to get a discount for bringing two or three birds.those guys are easy just asked them if they be willing to put in 12 hours at their job a week with no pay, they usually see the logic Lol
  4. Museum Man

    Museum Man Well-Known Member

    my wholesale work is done like this. the other taxidermist supplies all the materials for the mount and they do the finish work. doesn't matter what type of specimen it is. a game head for instance, will come to me with a tanned skin, eyes, form, earliners, everything needed to put it together except for hide paste. I supply that. birds the same, eyes, body and base and painted bill if needed. I supply the wire, they do the final finish work on everything. I charge good money since its pretty much just my time and I get good money for what I do. to me, this is the easiest way.
  5. It shouldn't make a difference to any "client" what you charge for wholesale work. If you are at $300 but do wholesale for $200 your clients aren't getting screwed. The taxi you do wholesale work for is charging his customers $300 too when he takes the bird in and then sends it to you. So no matter which of you they take a bird to it costs the same to them. The only people that are being financially affected by your wholesale/retail prices are yourself and the other taxidermist. He chooses to make less on a duck by sending it to you so they can work on more profitable specimens (or to catch up) and you get to make more profit (although less per bird) by doing wholesale birds that you wouldn't otherwise have gotten. At that point, you're technically an employee of the person sending you the wholesale work and that's the negotiated amount you get to perform the work. My opinion.
  6. Why would you tell your customers what you are charging a taxidermist? Its not the customers business.
  7. jim tucker

    jim tucker Active Member

    I wholesaled fish for years and it really helped my bottom line, but I have a few suggestions.

    1. Get deposits just like a regular customer.

    2. Don't wholesale for local Taxidermists. I quit doing so after a guy was undercutting me with my own work.

    3. Don't tell their customers you do their work and vice versa. If I found out otherwise I dropped them.

    4. Don't ship without payment no matter how good a friend.

    5. This one will be contraversial. Don't give them everything. My wholesale work was just acceptable, not the type of fish work I do for my customers.