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    This is for anyone using Krowtan, my shop gets pretty warm during the day while I'm at work 85 to 90 probably, I cut the air on when I get in so I can work into the evening, when checking my deer hides in the Krowtan I've noticed the water being like bath water very warm, I've had a little slippage in small areas on several capes, does anyone know if the warm water will harm the capes, thanks for any help.
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    That's probably a good question for the manufacturer but my guess is you're okay. There's so much salt added when you mix it up for tanning it should be stable at that temperature.

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    i work in a basement and it can get worm and tacky at times. i havent had any problems.
  4. Used it for years and never had a problem.
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    I don't think the temperature matters much, although 90 is pretty hot. pH does but that is when tanning with other agents. I have been using the product for a few years now to simplify things in my shop. One year I had a few slip but not all of them. It is most likely a field care issue for the spot slippage. One thing I do though even with this process is I salt my hides overnight and rehydrate before submerging them into the krowtann. I know it says to just throw them in the solution, and I have done that before, but I just feel better knowing they were properly salted, especially if you're not in your shop all day to agitate them every so often. I'm used to being gone 10-12 hours a day so they get agitated before and after work.
  6. I've used krowtan for years and have never had a problem the warmer the water you use the faster the tan will work and my experience
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    Slip spots with Krowtan are usually agitation related. If you are religious about pulling the skins all the way out and pulling folds apart the first few days you shouldn't have a problem. I have left hides sitting for 6+ months untouched after the first few days with no all weather.
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    Thanks for the feedback, that could very well be my problem, I will start agitating more often and see if that helps.
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    When you first place it in there, dip it a couple times and roll it around to get the solution on all of the skin. Then rotate it every day for two days. After that it should be fine. I left a skin in KT for 10 months once untouched. Then after I shaved it I left it in a bag in the refrigerator for 6 months. Came out perfect. Your problem like others said is not getting the skin completely wet with the KT from the outset.

    The temp isnt the problem.
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    I think that if you let the temp get above 85-90 for an extended period of time, you will have problems because of it.