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Eyes for taxidermy — mammals, birds, fish, reptiles

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Eyes4Taxidermy, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. NAO_SM.jpg
    An update in our line of owl eyes. Would be ideal for the North American species (Great horned owl here). Available in 3 versions with different sclera banding and pupil sizes. Find them in our Custom bird series at https://taxidermy.by/birds/ekzoticheskie-pticy-en/

  2. Reptile_SM.jpg
    Platecarpus tympaniticus reptile, made by Raymond Vodden for Virginia Museum of Natural History. Our realistic 'Reptile 9' eye model helps to make this fantastic mount look absolutely alive!
  3. DC2_SM.jpg
    We have several variants of domestic cat eyes, with and without white. Try them in our extensive 'Mammals' category at https://taxidermy.by/mammals/
  4. ANT_SM.jpg
    We have plenty of antelope eyes in our range. Use the search field on our website to look for the species you need.
  5. Kitten_6_SM.jpg
    We have a comprehensive line of baby animal eyes - a great option for toy makers and taxidermists. Can be ordered with a plastic peg or a wire loop. Browse them in our 'Baby Animals' section at https://taxidermy.by/baby-animals/
  6. AGP_SM.jpg
    African Grey Parrot eyes in our ample collection of realistic bird eyes for taxidermy. Waiting for your online orders at https://taxidermy.by
  7. BD_SM.jpg
    Deer fawn eye in our extensive line of baby animal eyes - great option for toy makers and taxidermists. Available with and without white banding. Can be ordered with a plastic peg or a wire loop