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Who wants my GI Bill money?

Discussion in 'Training' started by alternative_outdoors, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. alternative_outdoors

    alternative_outdoors New Member

    ISO Master Level Taxidermists. I have over 27 months of GI Bill money to spend on classes to improve my trade. It pays out 90% I will pay the remaining 10% out of pocket as a deposit. Materials can be figured into the cost of the class or billed in conjunction with the tuition costs. I have taken commercial classes with Roger Hutton for all categories, did a 6 month apprenticeship with Kent Heuser in entry level competition waterfowl and whitetails, going to do advanced whitetails with Shawn Dawson on Saturday, and my first (and only) competition was in amateur division with all blue ribbons, a best of category, and a best first time entry. I've packed a lot into my 3.5 years as a taxidermist. I'm greedy for more knowledge. I learn fast and can travel anywhere in the lower 48 for a class that is at least 5 days. I'll do 1 day classes within the boarding States of Iowa. I'm looking for classes in casting and molding (fish replicas, small mammal forms, bird heads and bodies), bear (I have one), waterfowl mounting (specifically King Eider and Harlequin cuz I have some), form carving (fish, birds, mammals), form modification, open mouth, turkey heads (freeze drying and reproduction), turkey mounting, and anything that can be considered an advanced/professional/master class. I can bring my own specimens in most cases. Unless you have something cooler. The average price I've seen is $300/day or $1,500 for a week for classes. Master Level, I think would be worth more. Plus I've already taken beginner classes so I'm looking for species specific advanced training. Do you, or someone you know, want my money lol? I don't use this forum a lot but I'll try to check back frequently.
  2. Give me a call 636-295-2214 Bruce

  3. taxidermyfreak

    taxidermyfreak ***RIP DAD & JONNY***

    What state do you live in???