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Seeking Employment

Discussion in 'Taxidermy Employment' started by Avviveria, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. Avviveria

    Avviveria New Member

    Idahoian since June of 2016
    21 years of age
    Located in Caldwell Idaho, I could possibly consider relocating but I wouldn't want to move outside of Idaho if that is possible.
    I am looking to potentially be hired by a fellow taxidermist and or possibly seek becoming an apprentice under the handy-ship of a skilled taxidermist.
    I have been seeking work for some time now. I have had a previous mentor when I was living on the east coast of the states in Vermont.
    I have moved to Idaho well over a year or two ago and I am seeking work; I know a lot of the basics when it comes to taxidermy. From roughing up a form to putting it together. I am sure that I could get better with time and will be an honest worker not to sell out any secrets. I am still learning the craft, but I am sure I am certainly capable of getting better with experience. I am also capable of working on your website, I have fiddled with google docs, Computer savvy.