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painting of a bluegill/sunfish skin mount?

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by the grey, Aug 17, 2017.

  1. the grey

    the grey Member

    Can anyone point me in the right direction of a video where they paint an actual skin mount of a bluegill or sunfish and it looks good. Watched plenty of reproduction vids but would really like to see a actual skin mount painted. I would really like to see someone pull a sunny skin out of the borax water and do a nice paint job. I'm really struggling trying to take a sunfish that has already lost most of its color and try to make it look good and natural with no picture of what it used to look like. Trying to go off what little color remains. I'm gonna try some other fish tans and see how much they might help. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Mudbat

    Mudbat Well-Known Member

    There's no reason you can't use many of the techniques used on the repro on a skin mount. Not sure why you are assuming they are night and day. You still have to add color to both. One just a little more then the other. Hell some guys even white out skin mounts and do just like a repro. Use reference photos as well. There a lot of extremely talented guys on here that I'm sure can point you in the right direction.

  3. Maineiac36

    Maineiac36 Active Member

    I white all of my fish out, doesnt matter if it is a skin or repro. start from a fresh canvas
  4. Monty Artrip

    Monty Artrip Active Member

    I lighten mine up with a colored pencil by turning the pencil sideways and rubbing it across the scales ( vs with them). This kind of does the antiquing for you by leaving the darker areas between the scales I will sometimes use white for this but find a pale yellow on bluegill and bass seem to get the color going in the right direction. Keep in mind though on bluegills much of the area between the scales is white so mist a little white on first. I picked this up from Cole on a tutorial he had on painting a bass. Give it a try