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Trouble with prompt pick up?

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by taxidermygirl, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. taxidermygirl

    taxidermygirl Member

    Hey Everyone, I am having trouble with customers promptly picking up their critters. I do require a deposit when dropping off, but that's not seeming to help. I am wondering if anyone has a form that customers sign when dropping off that after so many days, interest will be charged or item will be sold? does that need to be stated/signed to cover your butt? Anyone do that? Or a disclaimer sign in the shop? Really getting frustrated with calling some people for a year and getting nothing but excuses. Thank you in advance!
  2. Paul B

    Paul B Active Member

    Join the club, I now call customers that I'm ready to mount their trophy and will be ready in 2 weeks and if they are ready to pay in full or they go to back of list. Ready to ask for payment in full before ready to mount as in this state I cant sell wt antlers, mounted or not. Only get stiffed once or twice a year. Most have terms on their contract that pertain to what your asking.
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  3. Dark Man

    Dark Man Well-Known Member

    Its in my contract that a storage fee will be charged daily if mount is not picked up within "x" amount of time of notification of completion.if its not picked up after too long it is forfeited
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  4. Denton Shearin

    Denton Shearin 2009-Breakthrough Award, McKenzie Award,

    What Paul B said really does work. When I am ready to mount an item, I call the customer and let them know that their mount is next in line. I Ask them if they will be ready to pick it up and pay in a couple of weeks. Most will say yes and be excited to know that their mount will be ready soon. Others will hem and haw and may not be able to pay just now. I Let them know I am skipping them and have them call me when they can pay. I Give them a time frame, say 1, 2 or maybe 3 months to contact me before they lose their place in line. If they call back ready to pay, I mount their item. If they don't, I put them at the back of the line.
  5. taxidermygirl

    taxidermygirl Member

    Does anyone have a sample "contract" they would be willing to share? Thanks
  6. This is in a tutorial but best to have in looked at by an attorney in your state.
    John Doe and John Doe taxidermy, Inc have no control over any trophy prior to receiving it for mounting. Many factors have an effect on the quality of the skin. Occasionally, trophies will not mount for reasons beyond our controll, therefore, we can not be held responsible for these specimens. Should John Doe or John Doe taxidermy have to engage counsel to enforce any right hereunder, you will be responsible for our attorney fees. The signature below absolves John doe and John Doe taxidermy Inc. from responsiblity for phenomena beyond it's control including but not limited to, fire, theft, power outages, ect....
    I have understand and agree to the terms listed above.
  7. DTS 1046

    DTS 1046 Member

    Send me your e-mail, and I will scan and send you a copy of our Service Contract we had an attorney draw up for us. It makes our job easier when it comes time to send out the "letter telling them their mount is completed and ready for pick-up" I send a copy with my letter, and have prompt response. M. Dinges Dinges Taxidermy Studio
  8. Bill Dishman

    Bill Dishman Well-Known Member

    all finished work is expected to be paid for and picked up within 2 weeks of notification of completion. Anything not paid for after 3 weeks will incur a five dollar a day storage fee.
  9. twinrivers

    twinrivers Active Member

    Join the club. I have and still get burned once in awhile, mainly on smaller items like turkey fans, Europeans, etc. Usually trophies are picked up rather quickly. I do advertise in my shop the 30-day notice, and after that I send them a 30-day notice to quit, giving them a deadline to pick it up before their mount becomes our property. I had a mounted bobcat in my shop the whole duration my daughter was in college, paid for! I just wanted it out of my shop because of the space it took up. I was always having to move it to get to a freezer. I called and called and the customer said he didn't have a means to pick it up and kept giving me the runaround. He was a friend of the family so I didn't want to be a prick about it but I had enough. I sent him a 30-day notice and called one more time. Never showed up so I sold it. Then a week later he called and wanted to pick it up. Gave him the guys number I sold it to and had him call him about purchasing it from him. I think a lot of the reason is that taxidermy is not a necessity to people. You could put a lean on their property too I guess?
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  10. joeym

    joeym Old Murphey

    Most of us are content with the remaining balance whenever they do show up.. Expecting more than that is wishful thinking.
  11. I give the customer 7 days to pick up, on the 8th day I charge $8/ per day storage...if not picked up by day 20...the mount is forfeited and subject to resale
  12. pir^2h

    pir^2h Retrievers give you the bird

    This isn't the only business to have pick up problems. A friend of mine has an auto repair shop. You wouldn't believe it but he had problems getting people to pick up their vehicles, some as new as three to four years old.
  13. joeym

    joeym Old Murphey

    You can stack all the charges you want on top of a mount that hasn't been picked up...and all you have is another un-picked up mount. Taxidermy is a luxury, not a necessity. If a customer is a deadbeat, they ain't picking it up. All the contracts in the world aren't worth a damn. In my state (Mississippi) we can't sell the specimen. Annually, I have 3 or 4 uncollected mounts. I use them for shop displays or advertising in sporting goods stores. If somewhere down the road the customer wants to redeem the mount, I let them have it for the remaining balance, and am always happy to get it.
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  14. TripleC

    TripleC Member

    T-Girl, If you don't want to take a chance on lost labor costs then Paul's/Denton's advice is spot on. If you ensure your deposit is enough to cover all of your shop costs to include supplies, forms/caping/fleshing/tanning then you won't be in the red financially up to the point of mounting. As Paul/Denton suggested then collect the remainder, which will then pay for your mounting labor and any additional profit. To me from a business stand point, their approach makes the most fiscal sense. Adding a storage fee often is like adding a delinquent rent fee to a tenant is the rears. They already can't pay and adding to that isn't helping their ability to pay the agreed upon price. For everyone that does end up paying you may have multiple ones that just decide to cut bait. Also knowing you cliental will help lead you in the right direction. Either way you go you may want your contract to have a stipulation in it that whether it's completed mount or a tanned hide, it becomes your property after a certain period of delinquency.
  15. woakley144

    woakley144 Active Member

    t-girl, send me your email address and I will get you a copy of our contract/work order...

    When I have a dead-beat customer, I send 2 statements, then the 3rd one is a certified letter with TPWD rules on selling a taxidermy mount & state that their deposit will be forfieted. They have 10 days from receipt of the certified letter then I becomes property of our shop and can be sold for the remaining balance.
  16. williewoowoo

    williewoowoo New Member

    [email protected]
  17. williewoowoo

    williewoowoo New Member

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  18. BCG

    BCG New Member

    Interesting post!!
  19. sgsmith

    sgsmith Member

    It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run there are deadbeat customers that stiff you. I have a custom meat processing plant along with Taxidermy and we have elk, deer meat that we sell every year for the processing fee, even the occasional beef or pork that isn’t picked up. I have a nice 5 x 5 elk antler plaque that the customer even denies that it belongs to him. makes a nice addition to my showroom. Tanning is another complete story
  20. Jim Taxidermist

    Jim Taxidermist Active Member

    Hi, could i get a copy of your contract also, my email address is [email protected]