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Taxiidermy Tannery Consultant Available - Lots of Experience!

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by Bruce_Rittel, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. Bruce_Rittel

    Bruce_Rittel Consultant Services

    Consultant Services

    Experienced Taxidermy Tannery Consultant Available!

    Will travel to your Site! Lots of experience preparing, tanning, and finishing, and I am very willing to share my knowledge to make you successful! Both in Taxidermy and Leather Tanning! All Projects and Correspondance are kept Confidential! I have personally worked with 9 different Tannery Projects, both USA and International! I am also familiar and in many cases tested different Tanning Agents, so there are very few I am not familiar about.

    My first Project was contracted in 1981. I have had the pleasure of working with Inuit (Eskimo) and Athabasca (Indian) Tanneries in Alaska (2), Canada (1), others (6), in the Lower USA. Each Project represented an opportunity and a challenge to overcome obstacles the Tanneries encounter when they start up, or change.

    Do you want to start a Tannery? I can help you get sources for your Materials – Equipment and Chemicals, help them install, and Train your staff! When I leave your site, I want to see you make a profit and look forward to a payback on your investment.

    Do you want to convert your Leather business to include Taxidermy Tanning? I can help you do both – utilizing some of your present Equipment, Chemicals, and Training your workers to use them for Taxidermy Tanning – no more Winter layoffs when the Leather orders dry up.

    Are you interested in “Growing” your present Business? I can help you evaluate, improve, correct problems, and grow your business!

    Contact me for my Resume, List of References, Prices and my Military DD-214 Copy! My Home Phone is: (508) 823-2358 Or simply e-mail me at – [email protected] (Don't forget the _ between Bruce and Rittel)! Or simply PM me on here.

    My Job is to help you be successful!

    Be aware there are Government Grants Available to cover some of your Costs! Contact your local College or University - and tell them you need financial help re-training your staff!

    Professional Training - Problem Solving - Knowledge! Contact RITCS - we can help!