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Total Avg. Hours to mount a Deer

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by ropenridengirl, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. Becky P

    Becky P One must believe the glass is half full.

    Know the feeling, mine just went up too, LOL.

    8-12 hours - depending on how many bandaids (usually masking tape and paper towel) are needed ;)
  2. blacktail I would not go off of the internet critiques, unless it's something really obvious. It's very hard to tell by a picture, if you really want to start producing comp mounts you need to get into the Pro division or the open and see where you stand, You will learn real quick what you need to improve on and whats ok. You can speed this process up by folowing the judge arround while he critiques the Masters...just be a fly on the wall and really pay attention...hell even ask questions I have never competed in the Novice but I would imagine the Judges don't want to spook you off so they are easy on you...maybe I'm wrong ...dunno. Atleast you sacked up enough to go to the World Show, I know a few folks I talked to were totaly intemidated by it....I thought it was rather funny.

  3. Wow, same day service.
  4. mark11

    mark11 now accepting new wholesale clients

    I used to be one of those taxidermists that tried to make every customer mount a competition piece, I finally got wise and realized that noone, unless they are getting $1000 or more for a deer mount can do what is necessary for a National, or World class competition piece, competition septum work and the oil glands on the eyelids, each individual muscle of the ear butts etc......... Just because a piece isn't competition quality doesn't mean it is of poorer quality just that minute detail isn't replaced. As to how much time is involved in a deer head? It is a case by case deal depending on what you run into, you will learn over time that there are some things that occur on a regular enough basis that you can plan for it like split briskets, I charge a minimum of $25 to fix a split brisket, excessive shot holes are another. Only time and experience can answer this question for you, I read a post here that claimed 4 heads a day that is great, I have been at this for 32 years now and I can manage 3 on a great day by myself average is 2. Good luck and don't give up, Mark
  5. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    This question always confuses beginners. They should know that everybody does a mount different from everone else. Some like to take their time, others are production dependent on having something to eat, so they just get it out the door, no fancy things like nice eyes or ear liners, a nice tan and hide paste, just the bare minimum, get it out the door. Others take pride in going the long way to do a detailed mount. A top quality mount will bring more money then an economy low budget mount. You have to decide who your customers are going to be, the rich, the average, or those on welfare.
  6. mike g

    mike g Active Member

    Mr.T I am not sure I agree that a top quality mount will bring more money. Example I use either Mckenzie or Matuska deer forms, I comercial tan every cape (Quality Fur) I use Meder eyes and epply earliners and Derma grip hide paste and ect. I feel which are all quality products. I feel I do quality work that resembles my comp deer (but not as detailed) and I charge 450.00 and have 12-14 hours in each deer head. The other guy that gets heads from the same butcher promises a super quick turn around and the quality is poor to OK at best and charges the exact same as I do and he will get more than I from that butcher.

    I do the best I can for the customer and yes it does bother me that hunters will pay for a quicker turn around than quality but I don't want that type of customer anyway. I want paid for what I am worth and I will give the customer the quality that he or she is worth and if it makes me have a 10-12 month turnaround I am happy with that.
  7. Geno

    Geno New Member

    On the head of things earnhardtgw.I agree and appreciate that I'm not the only one taking more time than I want.I too seem to find most of my clients want turnaround.Even when I point out septum's,ear butts and eye works they still want it quick.Most will brag about the guy down the road who finishes 2 weeks after dropoff.Those I love which tells me one of 2 things the lack of business and quality.I too can spend hours studying the mount which becomes time consuming,nitpicking.Now about the smoke breaks are killing me!Union taxidermist.A competition mount,most hunters couldn't afford to pay the price if you truly spent the time champions are made of.3 or 4 days of drying.Soon the dry cleaners will be our competition.Geno