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Drying a Turkey

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by Smittee, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. Smittee

    Smittee Member

    What is a good way to dry a turkey. I am new to taxidermy and don’t want to buy a tumbler or master blaster dryer yet. Thank you.
  2. Tanglewood Taxidermy

    Tanglewood Taxidermy Well-Known Member

    1) Hang to drip dry for an hour or more.

    2) Place a clean dry towel into the skin side and lay skin feathers out, on another clean dry towel and roll it up for a while.

    3) Place corncob grit in to a plastic tote, remove towels and hand tumble for a while until it becomes somewhat fluffy.

    4) Blow dry with a blow drier on medium heat and alternate with no heat.

    This how I dry them.

  3. Tanglewood Taxidermy

    Tanglewood Taxidermy Well-Known Member

    A washing machine on spin cycle works well also for initial water removal.
  4. critterstuffr

    critterstuffr New Member

    Flip the hose on a clean or cleaned out shop-vac. All i've used for years from Teal to turkeys and mink to bears works great. I tumble my birds first but that wasn't your question.
  5. Birds Only

    Birds Only Member

    I don't use DAWN EVER on any of my turkeys. Hate the stuff. When I do have to wash my turkey's (Which is about every 3rd or 4th one) I use ONLY powder TIDE. Wash once in TIDE, rinse once in clean water. Squeeze as much water out by hand, then towel squeeze more, then blow dry with shop vac in reverse with a hair dryer in intake with heat set on high. I NEVER tumble my turkeys, EVER. All this after the bird has been fleshed.
  6. Tom Maul

    Tom Maul Active Member

    I'd like to try the powdered tide
    Would you share with me about how much tide per how much water?
    Also, why do you hate dawn? You really have my interested peaked.
    You do a helluva turkey, man. If TIDE is helping you get the results you're getting... please, do tell!... ;D
  7. Tanglewood Taxidermy

    Tanglewood Taxidermy Well-Known Member

    I would also like to know the reason why you don't wash some while you do others and why you don't tumble if you don't mind. I too, am interested in different whys to go about working with turkeys.
  8. Birds Only

    Birds Only Member

    One scoop of powdered tide per bird in a tub of water. DAWN requires WAY to much rinsing to get the crap out of the feathers and even then (From my experience) it still changes the integrity of the feathers, sheen and all. I've tried every way out there and yet have found any process that gives me a beautiful sheen like powder TIDE does. The reason for wash and don't wash is because if I receive a bird clean, I can skin, flesh and mount and keep spotless. The box of TIDE i have in my shop today is the second box in 22 years of doing turkeys. That should tell you how much I DON'T wash. If it's clean, keep clean. No reason to wash.
  9. Tanglewood Taxidermy

    Tanglewood Taxidermy Well-Known Member

    Thank you Birds Only!
  10. JerseyJays

    JerseyJays Well-Known Member

    I thought we wash in dawn to degrease? If you don't wash then what do you do use dp to dry out the skin?

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  11. Tom Maul

    Tom Maul Active Member

    Appreciate the helpful response, BO... thank you
    I was out of town and away from my laptop for four days, so sorry for the slow thank you.