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" Game Head of the Month " November 2017

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by Steven Klee, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. Steven Klee

    Steven Klee Steven Klee Studios

    Welcome to "GHOTM" November edition...
    It's that time once again to start a new month of game heads. A very exciting month for sure. For many states November marks that magestic time in the deer woods we all appreciate sooo much. The RUT, that time when countless stories are shared about local legends, the one that got away, the one that didn't and of course, that lifetime memory of a young hunter's first encounter with a harvest...

    As we all move into this very special time for our next memorable moment, I'd like to just wish every one a safe and successful season... May everyone be blessed with filled tags, filled freezers and a filled workload as we go forward through the magical month of November...

    Thanks to all who share, and as always My Best,
  2. Shaffer9

    Shaffer9 New Member

    Re: " Gamehead of the Month " November 2017

    Got this one on the form last night

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  3. Re: " Gamehead of the Month " November 2017

    Black Hills buck

  4. lapoisse

    lapoisse Active Member

    Re: " Gamehead of the Month " November 2017

    European badger
    Meles meles
    (Linnaeus, 1758)

  5. RadarLuv

    RadarLuv Member

    Re: " Gamehead of the Month " November 2017

    My brother and both my nephews first deer.

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  6. kburg0809

    kburg0809 New Member

    Got this buck mounted a couple weeks ago. It is my first ever shoulder mount and my personal best buck regardless of weapon used. Pretty happy with it and learning a lot in the process. I know the eye and ear butt shape is a little off but overall very happy with my first shoulder mount

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  7. Re: " Game Head of the Month " November 2017

    Little ol Texas ranch buck

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