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Michelle Burkholder, Fred Vanderburgh, Dale Manning, Shawn Shaw, & Dan Snyder

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by NTA, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. NTA

    NTA National Taxidermists Association

    What is in a name?

    Well, for Michelle Burkholder, it is Past President. Michelle was at the helm for 3 years. During those three years she drove the NTA in a new direction. A path we should strive to stay on forever more. She was the first female to hold that office, but with the emergence of lady taxidermists on the rise, she surely will not be the last. Michelle was an awesome leader and so refreshing to work with. Her motherly ways of leading and controlling a board full of testosterone will sorely be missed. Thank You Michelle for your service and your tolerance. Your job was never easy, but you made it appear so. For only being 5 foot tall you stood 10 feet tall as NTA President.

    Fred Vanderburgh, outgoing board member. Fred, with his ever present wife Denise, did more behind the scenes than most will ever realize. They streamlined the competition program and the judging arena. Through painstaking unrelenting efforts, rewrote our bylaws, lead the effort of moving our articles of incorporation to the state of New York, met with attorney's and brought together what is now the NEW NTA. There is no way to give full credit to Fred for all he has done to improve the NTA as that list is endless. Fred was a TRUE asset to the organization. He too will be sorely missed. Thank You Fred and Denise Vanderburgh. The NTA will forever be indebted to your sacrifices.

    Dale Manning, NEW NTA PRESIDENT. Please welcome Dale as he moves from side table chair to the head of the table. A man of great conviction Dale is ready to lead on where Michelle left off. We are excited to see what fresh and new ideas and directions Dale has in store for the NTA as we welcome him as leader. Dale has a long resume of organizational involvement. Dale wants everyone to know he is excited to be NTA President and welcomes all to join him as he continues the effort of rebuilding the NTA membership. Dale will bring a fresh new look to the face of the NTA.

    Shawn Shaw, NEW NTA Board Member. Shawn comes to us from the land of Utah. Please welcome Shawn as he takes a seat on the NTA board.

    Also welcome Dan Snyder as NTA Board Member as well. Dan and his wife Becky are also our event coordinators, and a great job they are doing.

    Look for many new advances to come in the near future. Currently our website is under reconstruction. The new platform will enable you to have complete control over your own membership and business pages. It's an exciting feature which is scheduled to launch sometime in January.

    The convention 2018 has been announced on another page and judges and seminar schedules are in the works and will be announced in the near future.

    Until next time, here's hoping your freezers fill to capacity this hunting season, and your Holidays are Blessed.