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The will to live

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by Cecil, Nov 22, 2017.

  1. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    I have a trout I hatched that from the get go has had equilibrium issues. No idea why. The fish can't swim normally but swimsvertically until it wears itself out and lies on the bottom. Then it's back to the swimming vertically again. Must be feeding as it's of normal proportions. This has to be difficult but the fish never gives up. Been doing this for about 11 months now from fry to about 13 inches. I've tried to net it and put it out of it's misery, but as soon as I get it in the net it swims out. Snagging is not option as the other trout go after the treble hook!

    Just amazing how strong the will to live is.
  2. Sotired

    Sotired Active Member

    Amazing! Probably wouldn't have survived in the wild, but in your special environment it could.


  3. If its living ok, while kill it? I mean you are a liberal and none of us have put you in the deep nap.
  4. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    Actually John I'm an American that served his country to give people the right to believe whatever they want to just like you did.

    How in the world you made this political is beyond me.
  5. FishArt

    FishArt Well-Known Member

    As a deer hunter I've always been amazed at how tough White Tails are!
  6. hambone

    hambone Well-Known Member

    What amazes me is how you can shoot a deer in the shoulder and the deer will run on 3 legs like its done it that way all along.
  7. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    For sure. I once had a part of a deer's spinal column that had a broadhead imbedded and healed in between the vertebrae. The deer had been dropped by a poacher with a rifle. Can you imagine how painful that must have been to move for the deer?
  8. den007

    den007 Active Member

    Don't kill it Cecil.......do we do much more with our lives????? Swimming erratically against the current and sometimes not knowing why or where?
  9. 3bears

    3bears Well-Known Member

    So true den007,
  10. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    My thoughts were I would put it out of it's misery. That's got to be a rough way to live as a fish. It may end up dying at some point anyway.
  11. antlermike

    antlermike Active Member

    Cecil all of us dont swim through life the same let the fish swim
  12. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    And I'm supposed to be the resident bleeding heart liberal? :D

    Does anyone want to name this fish while we're at it? ;D
  13. mopsrdrawer67

    mopsrdrawer67 Member

    Mount him vertically, as a tribute to him.
  14. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    I beg to differ Ken. I have no doubt animals experience pain and discomfort. Pain is a mechanism that protects an organism from damage as in touching something so hot it will damage tissue.

    I do have another predator now. A very large mink. I'm trying to trap him but no luck yet.

    I can't name it Cecil. It's a female. ;D
  15. hambone

    hambone Well-Known Member

    Then it will have to be Cecilia.
  16. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    How did I know that was coming? LOL
  17. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    How do you know it's not in pain?
  18. FishArt

    FishArt Well-Known Member

    Of course the answer to that Cecil is "How do you know it is IN pain"??? Lol. In my personal opinion, by the way you describe things I doubt it is in pain - or certainly not much. The fact that it has been able to survive this long the way it has and is otherwise healthy seems to point towards it not being in any pain. If it seems to be getting along fine with your help of course, why kill it? Heck, it's a fighter!!! My vote goes to leaving it alone in fact I'd probably not even sell it but instead see how long it keeps on keeping on!
  19. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    Easy does it guys I was not making as much of a big deal of it as you think either. ;)

    And I knew the "how do I know it is in pain" was coming. ;D How do you know I'm not the fish whisperer? ;)

    O.K. I'm convinced by you bleeding heart liberals I should leave it alone. ;D I just hope it doesn't get the attention of an osprey as my other fish could be in danger too.

    I've only had osprey here once and hope it doesn't come back.
  20. JL

    JL Taxidermist for 64 years