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Stagnant Water

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by Jimmy Lawrence, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. Richs Taxidermy

    Richs Taxidermy Well-Known Member

    This post is stagnant water now,alot of people don't post here anymore because it's easy to get rich and famous in taxidermy
  2. antlermike

    antlermike Active Member

    Im not big on posting mostly just read them but have been trying to post new threads or at least just comment dont want to see it completely die here. I know several people who say they always read the threads but have never commented or posted

  3. Jimmy Lawrence

    Jimmy Lawrence Well-Known Member

    How do you get rich and famous doing Taxidermy? I'm lucky to keep my lights on each month.
  4. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    Hey that's funny! I don't care who you are!
  5. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    What?! You haven't made your first million yet?! :cool:
  6. Frank E. Kotula

    Frank E. Kotula master, judge, instructor

    I’ll say you more of the truth than a whole bunch of crap to deal with.
    Yes we’re more arrogant at times and it’s for a good reason, we’re truthful here and don’t like folks getting wrong info or misleading someone to saying it’s a beautiful mount. This is folks want to hear so they stay on FB and can’t handle the truth. Only time will tell them they can’t don’t it.
    Plus us ole folks have to much to do anymore than deal with a lot of ignorant tell me now how to do it than learning techniques that will get you there.
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  7. Bryan Russell

    Bryan Russell Active Member

    If you want to end up with $1 million in the bank doing Taxidermy then start with 2 million.
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  8. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    Funny story: When I got married and moved out from the parents, I moved my business with me to my new residence which was about 30 miles away. Anyway, was on my way back to the parents for a visit. Saw one of my former competitors (good relationship between us) mowing his grass next to the road so I rolled down my window. Let's call him taxidermist A. I asked him how it was going. His reply was, "The deer heads are just rolling in!" I thought that was great.

    Fast forward to a few months later, and I was talking to another taxidermist B, in the area, whose father worked with the taxidermist A. Taxidermist B says, "Wow my dad says Taxidermist A didn't take a single deer head in this year!"

    The moral of the story is not only do we not make a killing in this business, if someone says they are, they are probably lying.
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  9. DFJ

    DFJ Active Member

    Today’s taxidermists are far more concerned with notoriety than the monetary aspect.
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  10. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    Not me! I got over that about 20 years ago (been at it for 35 years). Not knocking competing as it really improved the quality of my work, but I'll take a green ribbon with a president's face on it and a decent turn around time any day over the ribbons and trophies now.
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  11. You want to see total BS about taxidermy, drop in on the taxidermy 101 facebook page. The person that runs it will toss you out for a correct answer without kissing the other persons ass.
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  12. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Jimmy, sorry I'm late to the party but I'd written an epistle and hit send only to get smacked with that damned machine language crap and never was able to send it.
    Point 1: You don't get the opportunity to proclaim if you're an "expert" or not. The people who knowingly or unknowingly look up to you for advice get to decide that.
    Point 2: Social media has played Hell with this site (not that the program managers have helped a helluva lot). In a generation of I want it NOW, when the site is down, they're going to the web. OR, when they come here like you owe them a debt of gratitude and instead get a well deserved kick in the balls, they leave.
    Point 3: As anyone who's be a taxidermist all week can tell you, if you made half the money most people think you make doing this, you'd be driving a new truck up to your mansion on the hill. Therein creates a real problem. Many of those "experts" people want to hear chime in also have to eat. They have found that they can produce videos, offer seminars, and judge shows that provide more income that just setting on here and giving out that information FREE. Who can blame them. Many of us remember when this site in the early beginnings of the world wide web was just chocked full of icons of the industry. Slowly they just dropped out of site. Not just here either. You won't find them on those "get rich quick" websites out there either. Just think of a name and then tell me which ones of them don't offer some paid presentation of sorts. And as stated above, those of us who add our two cents in are a dying (literally) breed. We lived through the dark ages of taxidermy when it was done in a shed behind the house. We were summarily kicked out of shops for asking simple questions and what we know is through hard knocks. Sadly, most of us can't keep up with the modern techniques and merchandise these "get it now" kids use to produce passively good mounts on their first attempt. Much of the artistry is gone from game heads. The fish guys are about the last man standing on artistry. Realistically, however, more 10 point bucks are killed in America that 10 pound bass are caught. In these chaotic times, many people don't have "luxury savings" to have a bass done. On the deer side, we see the same results as more European heads are DIY instead of paying professionals. What you see here is just a microcosm of the world we live in.
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  13. Wally Gator

    Wally Gator Well-Known Member

    Good evening everyone. First of all, I'd like to say that ALL of your input, opinions, tips, and even the arguments are beneficial to me (gas/no gas. Lacquer or water base, etc).
    Though I am new to the craft, I do not consider myself to be a member of the microwave generation, nor do I expect a big applause for every picture I post...which have been few thus far. I am using both artificial and natural bird skulls, and learning the pros and cons of each. I am mounting fish on forms and using filler, and find benefits to both those techniques as well. I am very fortunate to have a good friend that has been in the business since 1982, and he has graciously made himself available for lessons and late-night FaceTime advice..."those wings need to be lifted"....
    I have also purchased Breakthrough manuals and many videos. AND I SPEND MANY HOURS ON THIS FORUM. I have found the answers to many problems just by searching this forum.
    Let me get to the point- I am just like you veterans were when you started; I am hungry for knowledge and very thankful for every post you professionals make. Yes, I am a victim of the 21st century. I don't wrap bodies, neither do I ride a horse to work...and I'll bet that you don't either.
    Guys/gals, please remember that this is a FORUM, a place where folks of common interest can share knowledge as well as criticism in effort to improve our skills. Sure, there will be some fly-bys that think they can open a full time business after reading a few posts. But there are many of us who actually want to learn the trade RIGHT, and we rely on you veterans to help.
    Please don't let the water get stagnant. Keep the posts coming. Just because we don't always reply doesn't mean that we are not reading them and improving because of your willingness to share your knowledge.
    God bless and good night.
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  14. Pikeonthefly

    Pikeonthefly Active Member

    I agree with Walleye Guy. I went to a taxidermy school back in the late 80's when the construction industry took a hit. I purchased a couple of elk racks from a taxidermist in the area and when I went to pick them up he asked me "what do you plan to do with them". I said I needed them for practice as I wanted to work towards my own business. He said "its a tough business". He asked what type of work I did and said you might be better off sticking with that if its what you do and enjoy. Then he said "taxidermy is enjoyable and very rewarding, until you have to make a living at it". At the time of this conversation he had just completed speaking with a customer on the phone while he was mounting 3 antelope heads at the same time and had me standing there in his way. His wife ran this business along with a guide service for African Safari's so he had a pretty good thing going. I took his advice. I can and have built custom homes from the ground up and by build I mean I have my hands in every aspect. I'm not someone who says I built a new home when I am referring to one I purchased from a builder. In my late 50's I can go to work in Kaki pants and a polo shirt and come home with them covered with cement if that's what it takes to get the job done. I consider myself a pretty good carpenter as well and I have This Old House and Norm Abram to thank for the craftsmanship ideas along with a carpenter from Connecticut who was kind enough to work next to me for a few years and teach me the "right" way to trim a home and build custom cabinets. Nothing beats the hands on experience but having taught my craft to several others through the years has proven that even with the best tools and knowledge you either have it or you don't. Not everyone can be a carpenter. Not everyone can be a taxidermist. From the day I walked out with my elk racks I have used as much of my free time to practice taxidermy. I have never sold anything or tried to. I have done some work and donated it but still the desire to learn the craft especially fish still burns to the point if I'm not using my free time towards it then I feel guilty. I come to this site to learn new techniques. Some of us will spend months or years trying to figure out the answer to a simple fix. I envy those of you who post your work and I hope that my next finished mount will be worthy of being next to yours. I too have stripped fish several times to achieve satisfaction and now I worry that I won't recognize success when I achieve it. I've taught carpentry to others and seen their success. They have never taken money out of my pocket. In fact they charge more! I hope this site continues because you're all an inspiration to us. For some of you its a living and to some of us we just want to create something respectable. For ourselves. You want a beautiful custom home I can build it. You want a beautiful fish to display above your fireplace in that beautiful home? Better hire someone from this site.
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  15. Harum

    Harum Active Member

    An old post that's just as relevant today as it was then...


    My use of this forum was not to learn but, rather to view the work being done in this field. Having my background in Fine Arts I naturally looked for a way to critique with my peers. This forum appeared to be just the place. Just the place to share innovative ideas as I did in the art world. That way the process of creating doesn’t become stagnant but, rather strives for innovative ideas or methods. Once the forum included pictures and Aaron started the week in fish pictures I started seeing fish by fellow artist that used unique methods to create their pieces. I enjoyed seeing the standard pieces but was drawn to the unique work created by Richard Benedict, Dan B and Rick Krane, to name a few. I started sharing ideas and techniques that were not the widely accepted norms in this field. My background is heavy in mold work and I had studied color theory extensively in College. I later realized it wasn’t the majority that were recognizing my contributions when I started seeing tutorials based off of my ideas.

    So Jimmy, why would a person continue to post their ideas when they start seeing tutorials of their ideas in magazines or are informed of schools teaching their methods to paying students? Integrity, Honesty and respect are all imperative to me. Not everyone was here to learn. To me it is a shame but, a few riding the backs of others has caused the lack of sharing on this site. At least from me.

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  16. Jimmy Lawrence

    Jimmy Lawrence Well-Known Member

    Cool stories everyone. Glad this got brought back up. Super helpful.
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  17. drwalleye

    drwalleye Active Member

    I am fairly new to taxidermy been at it for around 10 years. When I found this site I couldn't get enough. But it seemed like any question a new guy would ask that may not have been perfectly phrased or whatever there seemed to be a few who would not answer but instead cuss them out or make them feel like a total looser. It was bad at times. So I just read posts and learned what I could but don't engage for fear I may not ask the question correctly. Like Seinfeld ,soup natzi no soup for you. I love fish taxidermy and always look forward to fish art he seems to be honest but don't degrade people but I thank you to alot of you who explained and discussed many topics even if for the 50ith time I learned a lot
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  18. 1fish2fish

    1fish2fish Well-Known Member

    A couple of times I shared techniques on this forum and was told I was full of sh**, that they wouldn't work. Of course I had employed the techniques. They weren't breakthrough level stuff either, rather they were simple and effective problem solving methods.

    Last edited: Apr 14, 2019
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  19. Harum

    Harum Active Member

    Another ugly side of things Scott. You can add Josh K, Lowell S and me to that scenario. As a fellow Haxidermitayist you shouldn't be too surprised. We tend to look at things a bit differently. You also shouldn't be too surprised if your simple and effective problem solving methods appeared magically in an article somewhere...
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  20. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    The one thing that really bugs me here is when I take the time to type a long response to a question on how I do something, and I either never get a thank you or even a response.
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