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Shipping Mounts/European Mounts

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by justkillingtime, Dec 15, 2017.

  1. justkillingtime

    justkillingtime Member

    I posted in “skulls” but didn’t get a response. I know many of you ship mounts across the country. Looking for the best way to ship elk European mounts. I have a smaller one to ship so I can meet the size and weight limit of Fedex but not curtain that is the best way to ship. I’m interested in packaging/crate ideas and if Fedex ground will ship the crates or if I need to ship via a trucking company? Any advise greatly appreciated!
  2. I just shipped an elk euro today. Colorado to Connecticut. Used a pallet then built up the sides with 1x4s and wrapped it. Weighed 60 lbs. 40"x40"x25"
    Cost $183
    GlobalTranz out of Arizona.

  3. countrycritter

    countrycritter Active Member

    I use global trans also. Always cheaper to use them instead of fedex or ups.
  4. justkillingtime

    justkillingtime Member

    Any one else have experience with shipping? Looking for options...