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Do you need a new tannery? Then take a look

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by B KENNEDY, Aug 2, 2007.



    In the market for a new tannery? Why not give Loman Taxidermy a try. I am located in Ohio. We are a two man show not a big time tannery. The guy you get on the phone is the guy that will be doing all the tanning. My turn around time is two months from the time we get it. If you would like more info please feel free to PM me or give me a call.
    Thanks for your time

    Loman Taxidermy
    Bob Kennedy
  2. oldshaver

    oldshaver Guest

    25 years old? What tannery did you work for, and for how long did you work? You must have at least 5 or 6 years experience elsewhere, if you think you are going to take on the wide variety of skins, that are going to come your way. How long did you shave for that tannery? Ever shaved a stone, or Dall sheep? How bout a klipspringer?You better be one determined sob, or your in for a let down.



    Thank you “oldshaver” for being the first to bust my chops. Yes I am Only 25 years old. You would not have hired of the tannery I worked for because it was a back woods shop run by my father to help make ends meet. I have been shaving and tanning for 15 years. Yes that mad me 10 years old. I’m not talking that I am taking on the world of tanning and there are going to be some jobs I have to turn down because of knowledge and or ability to complete the job. As of right now I can and have been taking in and completing tanning on deer and smaller. If some one wants to understand that I might have to come on here and ask a question or two sure I will give something bigger a try. And to answer your “You better be one determined sob” yes I am I just got my first fleshing machine two years ago up until then I did it all by hand with a knife.

    If any one has any questions please ask I will be strait up with everyone and if you can get past my age we could have a great business relationship.
  4. oldshaver

    oldshaver Guest

    Sorry for my scepticism. From what you said, you would be very capable of doing deer, and alot of North American. I wish you luck! If you have the shaving down, you will do alright.
  5. flesher

    flesher New Member

    i too started fleshing to make ends meet in 1994.ninety deer capes my first year.this year me and one other are on 5200 with 500 still to go.good luck
  6. jerrystaxidermyhunter

    jerrystaxidermyhunter get stuffed at jerrys

  7. John Janelli

    John Janelli New Member

    Mr. Kennedy, a long time ago, a kid wandered into a museum taxidermy laboratory over in NYC. He wasn't quite 15 but older than 10. His boss was none other than Carl Akeley. Like you he started skinning, hand shaving and began producing the finest tan for taxidermists the world had ever known. This kid grew into the profession never knowing any other kind of employment or business. Later, he not only managed the tanning for several museums, but for many of the taxidermy icons that we revere today. He probably put more tanneries in business than a police academy turns out cops. That kid's name was Sinclair Clark and it just thrills me to death to tell young men like yourself about him. When Sinclair died, it left a void in the tanning industry that will never be filled again, save for the men like you to attempt. At 25 years old, you are living proof that there are still young men in the world who are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and work for a living. Not only do I wish you the best of luck, but I'd like to send you a sketch that my friend George Dante drew of Sinclair to hang over your round knife bench. I for one am darn proud to know that there is still an attraction at making a living in taxidermy and tanning related fields. May you be richly blessed for your efforts as I welcome you into the most rewarding business in the world...Taxidermy.
  8. Well said John!!

    B Kennedy,
    My PM is always open.
  9. I agree, John that was awesome and thanks for sharing.

    David that shows you character as well willing to help, good job. I have been thinking of trying you but the only reference I had was from EJ, and we all know he is retarded so wasn't sure but I might now. lol


    Thank you everyone for the words of encouragement and support. They are all taking dearly.
  11. EJ

    EJ Proud Member of: Unaffiliated, Free Agent

    You should of listen to me! ;D
    Who's the retard now?... Retard! ;D
  12. oldshaver

    oldshaver Guest

    B.Kennedy, My original post wasn't busting your chops, it was straight shooting, which is what you need! You have 42 or 43 competitors listed, in this forum. Add another 75 or so, an you might have an accurate number. You need to be aware of that every day. Things aren't like they were in Mr. Clark's days any more. Yes, he was a true pioneer, of the trade, and a great guy, from what my boss tells me. The trade was kept much more secretive then, than it is now. People are tanning for others everywhere now. There are no longer any trade secrets! You are entering a very competitive market. I could try to tug on every ones heart strings, but I wont. The only advice you need, is, KEEP YOUR S--T SQUARED TIGHT!


    I just wanted to thank those of you that have been giving me support and those of you that have given me constructive criticism and a big thank you to those that have contacted me for info and shipped hides to be tanned. And if any one else would like some info please let me know.

    B Kennedy
  14. There seems to be plenty of people starting up tanneries. I saw one guy in these forums that started last year and is already in deep trouble. As a two man operation, remember to push yourself, but get help so you don't burn yourself out. Have a plan for what you will do in the event of an injury or serious family event. Surround yourself with good people and don't be afraid to ask for help. You will find you just can't do it all and that people are willing to jump in with a helping hand if you ask them.

    Network and meet people. Don't be an island to yourself.

    Join taxidermy associations and get involved. Not necessarily in the politics, but in the framework of suppliers and customers. You have to get out there and hear what folks want from you as a service provider.


    Be honest.

    No BS.
  15. RF

    RF Member

    Sounds like good advice from David Patton. Good luck B KENNEDY, I hope everything works out for you. :)