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Rhea chick

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by fox hunter, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. fox hunter

    fox hunter New Member

    ive done a few birds mostly corvids and have been offered a Rhea chick, could any one tell me if they are easy to mount and any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks.
  2. Nancy C

    Nancy C Well-Known Member

    They aren't too bad, Kinda like a weird quail except that you will need to pay a LOT of attention to the legs because they will shrink like you wouldn't believe.
    Trace the carcass and carve a small foam body. They make cute little mounts.

  3. fox hunter

    fox hunter New Member

    thankyou Nancy, will give it a go and see if i can make a decent mount of it.
  4. byrdman

    byrdman Well-Known Member

    remove legs and freeze dry them...or mount as usual and dry mount in vacuum unit...or.....cast the legs......
  5. Hello Foxhunter,

    Rhea Chicks are so much fun! It depends on the age of your chick on how difficult they will be in my experience. The larger chicks, I definitely recommend casting artificial legs...the very young chicks you can just use leg injection fluid and they are fine. The leg shrinkage is nowhere near as bad on Rhea chicks as it is on Ostrich chicks in my experience.

    Also, anchor that long neck with thick enough gauge wire and anchor extra carefully(strong) to the body form...so as not to break free with movement when dry.
    Have fun!

    Below are two blog posts detailing my process/learning experience with Rhea chicks including photos, maybe they will help you?


  6. fox hunter

    fox hunter New Member

    thankyou very much for the info, will definitly be giving one a go now,