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top eyelid pulling

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by iggletaxi08, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. iggletaxi08

    iggletaxi08 Member

    so ive been doing taxidermy now for around 8 years but have been on a three year hiatus so i pretty much feel like a beginner. in the last whitetail mount i did i had one of the upper eye lids pull creating a weird gap between the eye and skin also making the lashes point strait out at 90 vs 45. my question is could this be due to not leaving enough lid to tuck as i have generally left only about an eighth of a inch to tuck. i also have always used oil based clay... could that be whats going on. i dont get this issue with every mount just every now and then. i probably have around 75-100 mounts under my belt over the last 8 yrs. just trying to get some pointers on what i could be doing wrong or what i need to do to fix this from happening again.
  2. countrycritter

    countrycritter Active Member

    That's an easy fix. Rehydrate it and reshape the upper eyelid. On your next mount thin it down really good around the eye and be sure it is split all the way to the roots of the eyelashes. It wouldn't hurt if you left a little more skin there to tuck but not necessary.


  3. Talltinelee

    Talltinelee Member

    oil base clay doesn’t dry and also the oil would keep the hide paste from adhering. Some polymer type clays harden when heat dryed but, not good for taxidermy purposes. Most of us use critter clay or air dry type potters clay. I’m goinig to guess that’s the problem.
  4. Mike Powell

    Mike Powell Well-Known Member

    For me, having a tad more skin to tuck makes it easier to adjust and “retuck” in the event something like that occurs, Making sure to open the eyelids all the way up (as was already mentioned) is important, but I think the biggest issue is the oil based clay. I would switch to an air dry clay, like the aforementioned critter clay.