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bacquacil mix ratio

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by bowman10003, Jan 19, 2018.

  1. bowman10003

    bowman10003 New Member

    bought bacquacil 27 percent wanted dilute 1 gallon to one gallon water to soak skulls read article at the biginng of the post 50 percent very scary is diluting aim hoping would be safer or what George posted would it be just a waste of bacqucil mixing with water thank you
  2. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    That is what I use and I don't dilute it. It lasts a looong time if you take care of it. Strong peroxide can indeed be a dangerous thing to have around. Takes proper care and caution same as a gallon cans of gasoline. Keep your peroxide in a 5 gallon, dark colored bucket. You can even wrap the bucket with duct tape to block out light. Make a very small pin hole in the lid and keep it tightly covered and in a dark area like a closet if you can. Light alone will break down peroxide. The pin hole prevents any buildup of pressure. Also don't introduce any metals unless it is high grade stainless steel. I have a pair of SS tongs I use to pick things out of the peroxide. Saves wear and tear on my fingers. As George said somewhere .. diluting it is just wasting it. Also, if you have water with a high iron content, that has also caused reactions. I have gallons of Baquacil and Pool Mate here and I sleep well at night. I handle it safely and I have great results with it. Bear in mind it is considered a hazardous chemical. Keep kids and dogs away.
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  3. bowman10003

    bowman10003 New Member

    thank you for information very valuable will proceed with coution
  4. J7

    J7 Member

    You can dilute it if you want to. I did for safety. I diluted Soft Swim(27%) with 3% grocery store peroxide? I mixed 1 gallon of Soft Swim with two gallons of 3% for a 3 gallon total.

    This would be 0.275gal + 0.03 gal + 0.03 gal = 0.335 gallons of H2O2 in the 3 gallon total

    0.335 gal/ 3gal = 11.2% peroxide

    It works great and its cheaper than buying 3 gallons of 40 vol 12%. Although its diluted down it will still burn your skin so wear protective goggles and gloves.
  5. I have been running 85% fuel grade, Yes its used in certain liquid fueled rockets. I totally forgot one and it did eat the skull over night. I would recommend Baquacil at 100% strength.
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  6. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    JC John, I don't even want to know where you get that. Do you have a will and documents stating what to do with what is left of you if it ever reacts? Hopefully somewhere off the property. :) 35% did it for me. That stuff will even start a fire if you spill it on wood. Can't imagine what 85% would do if mishandled.
  7. joeym

    joeym Jeannette & Joey @ Dunn's Falls

    I know JohnC personally...that 85% stuff has already taken a toll on his brain cells! I know I'm gonna be in trouble for this JohnC, LOL! 50% is the hottest I've ever used, and I'm glad I don't have it around anymore. I buried the 55 gallon drum in the earth to keep it's temperature stable, and had a hand pump to lift it out of the drum. It was dangerous, I don't even want to think about handling 85% peroxide!