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Looking for some turkey repair pieces

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by ryanolson72, Feb 1, 2018.

  1. ryanolson72

    ryanolson72 Active Member

    I am looking bfor a couple breast feather sections for a couple repairs. I have every other part but them. Anyone have anything they can help me with?
  2. Got a merriams tom skin in the freezer minus the tail if that helps

  3. ryanolson72

    ryanolson72 Active Member

    Dang I should have put I'm after an eastern but thank you for the reply!
  4. kojak

    kojak Active Member

    I have 4 eastern hen turkey skins in the freezer. They are skinned for the feathers.
    I do not know if hen feathers will work for you. Asking $20.00 each. If they would work for you give me a call at 715-570-8555 or email me at [email protected].
  5. ryanolson72

    ryanolson72 Active Member

    Ok, at last resort I will call you. I would prefer a tom skin but could possibly make a hen work. Thanks.
  6. Shanna

    Shanna Member

    I have a full cape in the freezer minus the tail. It is an eastern
  7. rmann

    rmann Member

    I have a whole eastern tom in the freezer, game farm raised, but see that he is missing a lot of feathers on neck, otherwise good, to bad not in the SpeeDee delivery zone, cheap next day service.