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Where is the option to delete PM's?

Discussion in 'Forum Operations' started by Cecil, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    I see where you check them off but am at a loss after that.

  2. AFWS

    AFWS The lost Robertson

    I didn’t try it ,but when you select message there’s a drop down menu and one of the options is “leave conversations”.

  3. Ken Edwards

    Ken Edwards Taxidermy.Net Administrator Staff Member

    You are correct. Choosing “Leave Conversation” deletes it forever.
  4. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    But what's the point in checking the box then?

    So I have to open each conversation and leave each conversation individually. There has to be a different way. I have between 20 and 30 P.M.s to delete!
  5. Ken Edwards

    Ken Edwards Taxidermy.Net Administrator Staff Member

    When you check the square box in the top conversation, choose "Select All" which will select 20 at a time. You can then go to the next page to select additional conversations. Then under "Other Action..." you can choose "Leave Conversations..." to delete all at once.
  6. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    Thanks Ken!