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Aquarium heater hack problem

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by Jordan Park, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. blindluck

    blindluck Member

    I bought a 300W in October
  2. Ted Meinzen

    Ted Meinzen New Member

    Having the same issue with Aqueon 300 glass with the blue knob. Pulled knob, turned about 1/4 turn past normal stop point and played in water. Light came on for a minute and shut off. Water temp approx 90 degrees. Pulled knob and turned about another full turn. Same thing, maybe gained a couple degrees. One more time, 2 more full turns, water temp maybe 98ish. Don’t know if it will take any more. Any further suggestions?

  3. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    Possibly Aqueon has a new design now. Tetra also had a heater that could be tweaked. I found them in Walmart. The Aqueons I bought to do this were purchased several years ago. There is also the more expensive bucket heater but this needs to be connected to a thermostat to prevent it from damaging things as it gets much too hot on it's own. I have three Aqueons that I tweaked that are still working and two or three Tetras. There is also a body count of those that have failed. You can also use something like a chest freezer or hand built, insulated container and heat the interior and put buckets inside of it. For antlered skulls, mold becomes a huge issue in a closed container because of the humidity.
  4. Kevin Strock

    Kevin Strock New Member

    This is the way to go.. it heats and circulates the water to whatever temp you want. It's a Suvee.. it's used for cooking but I've found that it works great for degreasing... 30$

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  5. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    I would be tempted to try that for $30 to $40. I have a Polyscience one and it was well over $200. I have thought of Sous Vide cookers before but the expense was such that I wasn't going to try. Yes, this would work for degreasing as long as only detergent was used. I would not use ammonia with this, or expect it to have a short life if you do. These units are designed for circulating clear water only and there may be exposed metal parts internally that will fail when exposed to ammonia. Do not even think of using this for macerating! These are awesome for cooking and, though they are not designed to run for weeks at a time, something this cheap is waiting to be experimented with. Read through the reviews and see how it performed for others for cooking at least.
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