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What size bird wire?

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by loomisjosh5, Oct 15, 2006.

  1. I was wondering what size wire do you use on birds. Mainly, waterfowl. Mallards, wood ducks, pintails and teal. I've been doing for a while, and was curious of what size wires you use on the wings, legs and body support. And a your methods of installing them and positioning them. Any responses would be nice. Josh
  2. JonHarleTX

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    I'll generally go with a 14 in the smaller waterfowl and a 12 in the larger variety for standing birds.. Wings usually get a 16 or smaller depending on how flexible I need the wing to be.

    On flying waterfowl, I will use a wire in the legs stiff enough to pose, usually a 14, wings a 12. I normally us at least a 9 for support to the wall.


  3. Josh, I use a 16 in the legs of flying birds and 12 in most standing (13 in teal). I use 12 on the wings of flying birds (14 on teal). I use 8 to anchor most flying birds and 10 on teal. When anchoring, I predrill through a foam body, insert wire through body and secure with a 3" or 4" staple made from 10 guage wire, hot glue over areas where the wire and staple contact the form, and finally pose the form into position. All of this is done before I put the skin on, so there is very little adjusting to made after mounting.
  4. Josh, if you have a Research Mannikins Catalog there is a good wire chart there. Wire gauges from 16 to 4 and it suggests what size of wire you use for legs, wings, necks and what type of bird. If you don't have one, here's their number to call 1-800-826-0654.