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Spotted Skunk Question

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by Trapper2016, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Trapper2016

    Trapper2016 Thanks for this awesome forum!

    Hello everyone,

    Hope your having a great weekend. I am getting ready to start work on a spotted skunk soon and am contemplating what the best way is to skin this little guy for the typical handstand type mount. I typically would case skin the little guy, but that stitch will be front and center on a handstand type mount. A ventral incision I don't think would work well since it will be very visible as well. I was thinking a dorsal may be the best option, but I was hoping to get a few opinions from guys who had mounted them before in the handstand position as to which incision would be best for the job and to hide the stitch. Any advice is appreciated.

    Thanks for your time and have a good Sunday
  2. 1stturkey

    1stturkey Member

    Never skinned anything for that pose but...and just thinking totally out of the box here... what about reverse case skinning? Inside of front foot to inside front foot. I guess it might be difficult inserting the form with that cut. I'm curious to see if anyone has tried.
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  3. Scott Humble

    Scott Humble New Member

    A dorsal incision is going to work the best by far. Long hair on the back will hide the stitches completely. The trick is going to be getting the skin onto the artificial body or artificial body into the skin, however you want to look at it. The real critical thing is to make sure the artificial body is the same size as the original carcass. For small mammals such as this I like to make a wrapped artificial body using excelsior and tow using the carcass as reference. I like it because it is flexible and I can bend the limbs to get the body into the skin. With some clay in the right places and a good hide paste you can work in as much detail as you want and when dry it will be solid as a rock. A rigid foam body can be used too but it will likely require you to cut it up some to get one or more of the hind legs into the skin. No big deal you can hot glue or bondo the leg back onto the body once inserted into the skin.

    Scott Humble

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  4. Trapper2016

    Trapper2016 Thanks for this awesome forum!

    Thanks for the repleis guys. I will give it a go