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3d scanner/printer

Discussion in 'Wildlife Artwork and Crafts' started by quest, Feb 17, 2018.

  1. quest

    quest Member

    There are lots of free apps out there to get you started. You're probably wondering what would I do with a scanner? Well, for starters you could take a 3d photo for reference material & if you had a 3d printer you could print specialty parts, like a nose.... The technology is almost there.... its getting so close!
    I also just wanted to share some info on whats free. "Qlone" is a free scanner app you can use on your iPhone but there is cost to export from. "Thingiverse" is also a free site with all kinds of 3d printing stuff that you can 3d print. So is "MyMiniFactory"... all free! "Tinkercad" is another one you can make parts/stuff all free. If you like working with clay making "Sculptris" is for you...it's basically free software that look like a ball of clay you can shape/form using their tools. There's also "Meshmixer", "Meshlab", and "Cura" to get you started & they too are all free. It doesn't hurt to check it out if this sound of any interest to you!
  2. Lee White

    Lee White New Member

    I recently switched to a 3D printer with multifunctionality Ricoh Printer is Offline Windows 10 for my office from a traditional printer, I'm very new to this 3D printer. It's working offline also it's quality of 3D printing is awesome in any kind of photo. The information given above is really been helpful for me or for every pepople who are engaged with a 3D printer.