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Deer Hide Prep

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by Smittee, Feb 18, 2018.

  1. Smittee

    Smittee Member

    Being new to taxidermy I have a question concerning deer hide prep. Should I flesh, turn ears,split lips and eyes myself and send it to get tanned or should I just skin it and ship it out “green” to a tannery? Also what about trying to tan the hides myself?This will be my first year and will probably only mount 1-5 deer. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. tmdennis

    tmdennis New Member

    If you flesh,split,turn you can salt dry and send. If you send green you have to ship frozen. If you tan yourself you also need to shave, i choose to tan myself but i have a round knife for shaving. I use lutan, it is fairly easy, just follow directions.

  3. ANDY

    ANDY Well-Known Member

    Most tanneries charge extra if they have to split lips , turn ears ect. Ive seen
    some that tan it however they receive it and you have to split lips , turn ears
    after tanned. A lot less work to do before you send.