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Painting Reproductions

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by newknapper, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. newknapper

    newknapper New Member

    while watching Rick Krane’s black crappie video I thought I caught him saying that he doesn’t fully paint both sides of the repro. Is this correct? I’ve never done any fish, as I am just getting into the trade/ hobby and was just curious.
  2. Mudbat

    Mudbat Well-Known Member

    If the customer is not paying for both side to be done why would you?
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  3. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    I'm not disagreeing with anyone here but I think it's up to the taxidermist. I just go ahead and paint the back side as it doesn't seem to take much longer for me. l also do that on my skin mounts. And two eyes.
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  4. I agree with Cecil on this subject. If my name is attached to the mount, I’ll treat it as I would a pedestal mount. Having said that, I charge accordingly. Understand that my circumstances allow me latitude to spend extra time on my mounts. I’m not trying to pay for a store front every month and my kids are grown and independent. It makes a big difference.
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  5. FishArt

    FishArt Well-Known Member

    On wall mounts I carry the paint over the other side and paint enough of the backside head/tail along with setting two eyes (even though one eye makes more sense IMO it's not worth the argument and possible backlash from the uneducated customers to install only one). But, no way do I spend the time detailing the wall side for nobody to see. For that they pay 50% extra.

    Agua3777 - no matter if you have a storefront or whatever your situation is, it all comes down to what you value your time at. Personally, I have a lot invested into my business and my background and I'm not giving my time away. I have to get paid well to motivate myself to do the work!
  6. newknapper

    newknapper New Member

    Later in the video after I had posted this question he said it was due to how they mounted The fish was the reason behind it. No he did carry some paint over the back side some. I just didn’t know if that was standard practice or it may have been just for the video. The fish came out looking awsome. I enjoyed watching the process.
  7. newknapper

    newknapper New Member

    That makes sense.
  8. FishArt

    FishArt Well-Known Member

    On an aggressive outward curve I could see the possible need to paint more. But again, they're paying for that!
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  9. whitetails and fish only

    whitetails and fish only Well-Known Member

    I mount most fish with a minimal amount of curve. It makes the fish look larger. I use the backside to adjust the airbrush and amount of color I want. I do go over the back and belly with the proper look. Any area that can be easily viewed.
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  10. Cory

    Cory Keep an eye on quality!

    Backside is painted black.
    Very little paint is "wrapped" to the backside.
    2 eyes, but the backside of the face is not painted either.
    If I have not "wowed" or impressed the customer with the front side, then painting the backside is like putting lipstick on a pig, IMO.
    Let me preface this; I let every customer coming in the door know what they are going to receive when their fish is done. And on wall mounts, the customer normally only looks at the back and in the open mouth when the mount is picked up, after that it will hang on the wall and they will forget what they even saw. If the customer would like to pay for seamless both sides and correct anatomy inside the mouth, then they can pay for it. JMO.
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  11. newknapper

    newknapper New Member

    Good points. Thanks.
  12. newknapper

    newknapper New Member

    How do you guys mount your replicas? Do you have any pictures I can see? Thanks.
  13. Clew

    Clew Help a child, Build our future

    York, SC
    I paint both sides
    but back side has no real detail
    of any kind
    Was the mona Lisa painted on the back side?
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  14. JHardman

    JHardman Active Member

    There are a lot of mounting options available, Most of what I do are pedestal mounts so the Idea is you don't really notice the attachment. On wall mount there are several bracket options available, I prefer an attachment that keeps the fish out away from the wall a bit so the paired fins are still displayed in a lifelike manner. Often My reproduction wall mounts are attached to driftwood or something like that, in that case I will typically attach with gorilla glue and wooden dowel. Be careful with that stuff it can make an awful mess! The gorilla glue foams a bit and makes an extremely strong bond as my blanks are all foam filled.
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  15. den007

    den007 Active Member

    Just as easy to apply hints of color to the back as to blow primer. I am with Fishart......a bit of coloration on any parts curved out........(on a replica). Skin mounts....a bit on the head and tail........the rest is a felt strip to cover any seam, and baisic darker color........brown on a brown trout, silver one a cuda, etc. Works of art do not come two sided, neither do photos. No reason, eh?
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