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Barred Owl

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by duckmounter, Mar 30, 2018.

  1. State Park service

  2. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    Beautiful job. Such a shame they don't change the laws to be able to salvage things like this and be able to keep them, not have to give them away. I see so many on the highway just going to waste.
  3. AliciaG

    AliciaG Museum taxidermist and exhibit preparator

    Nice! I'm working on a pair right now too. Did yours have any pink feathers growing in?
  4. It was probably full of pin feathers.
  5. AliciaG

    AliciaG Museum taxidermist and exhibit preparator

    Yep, that's when you would see them. Just a fun thing I've noticed in the BAOWs I've worked on. New feathers are really pink when they come in on these guys.
  6. Bob75

    Bob75 Member

    Very nice looking.
  7. byrdman

    byrdman Well-Known Member

    did this one for the n american bear center in ely minn last winter

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