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Calling it quits

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by George, May 7, 2018.

  1. Since we all are talking on pricing , shipping . This happened today.
    Ups story! Them &@$$&”@/&
    Sent a 6 foot gator rugged on a panel from Louisiana to Colorado. The crate was 75x38x6.5 this kept it in the confines of regular ground service. Shipping cost was $217.00
    Received an email this morning an additional $500.00 was being charge to my bank account. Did you here me $500.00 dam dollars. Because they measured the crate at 78x38x7 which took it out of the specks. Now im not the smartest person, but i can read a dam tape measure. I built the crate measured it three time, Wife checked behind me. Its 75”
    Called the customer to see if he still had the box . This was his reply yes but it looks like it was run over by a friken fork lift. The box is tore up. Yet the gator survived. Anyways he took pics for me of the box with a tape measure stretched across, 75” . (Will put the pics on ) called ups billing, got a sweet talking lady named Jennifer. Jennifer was so sorry but the audit said it was 78” . Well guess. What Jennifer i have photos of the box your CO. Tore up. With a tape measure clearly showing its 75”
    Then i get im so sorry the audit was done by laser. Apparently the laser measured the dangling torn pieces. Giving it those dimensions. Ups will reimburse the $500.00 it will take two or three days.
    What in the he’ll gives them the right to charge my bank account without my approval. I only prevailed because customer still had the box.
    A6D58119-7C96-43A7-BFBE-F601B3774CE8.png 0FAEEBF2-7F7D-4EBC-A57E-28B9DAF6FC58.png 9EBAF790-0C68-4FF4-8514-C34C0C6E6181.png
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  2. livbucks

    livbucks Well-Known Member

    You have money. You should pay more.
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  3. There should be a blow it out your A$$ button too!!
  4. livbucks

    livbucks Well-Known Member

    Your post is kind of scary actually. They can just take your money like that. What if the guy had burned the crate after he opened it? Or cut it up into kindling?

    I didnt link a bank account to any shipping accounts. Nor a credit card. I pay after they send an invoice. Maybe make some changes in that dept.
  5. Trust me changes was made ! Never again will I pay ups with a Debit card. Its a check or cash, or fed ex.
    I left out a part of the story thats also unbelievable too.. Before calling ups we went to the bank to file a unauthorized transaction dispute, Since it is a business account . The rules are different than a personal acc. Had it been a personal acc. The bank would have credit my 500 right then, But its a business acc. You file the dispute that takes up to 30 days and IF UPS SAYS >NO< YOU DO NOT GET YOUR FUNDS BACK,. You are chit out of luck. BS BS BS BS
    Or any other co. that has your card on file. Why because in those millions of tiny tiny letter in a user agreement you always have to click on to CONTINUE you are giving them permission to do so if the current charges are wrong. Now it isnt worded like that but that is what it boils down to.
    Another reason to SAY **** UPS !!
  6. livbucks

    livbucks Well-Known Member

    I have been hearing stories about their "audits" and I NEVER underestimate the size or weight anymore. USPS is doing the same thing now. Before you could say it weighed 5 pounds when it really weighed 5lbs 4 oz and they would let it go. Now they round up to the next pound and if it weighs 5lb 1 oz you had better list it as 6 lb or they will come back at you.
  7. Yep! But this had nothing to do with weight. Like you generally i add one pound to (safe side)
    All this crap is over length you can see it’s actually 74 3/4 but put 75” on the shipping. They put it 78” I understand someguy didn’t actually put a tape on it. When a dam laser is jumping the shipping an additional $ 500.00 there should be some human reactions that this needs looking at. No lets hold him down and rape his ass . No vasoline used !
    Friken automated crap, sux
  8. EA

    EA Well-Known Member

    Lots of scary stuff going on there.
    No human hands on before gouging
    They were able to gouge without prior notice
    Gouging jumped from $217 to $717 for a measly 3"

    Take pictures before shipping. You lucked out. I'd take a picture of the contents before you put the lid on too. Who's to say it wasn't damaged before it was sent.
    It's only what you can prove when it goes to court.

    When I built my boat I used a foam composite for the deck. Stronger than plywood and MUCH lighter. Never rots or draws water. $250 for a 1/2 x4x8 sheet. At that time it was only available from the factory in Fargo ND. Shipping was $250 and it came on a 4x8 pallet made of 2x4's...The pallet weighed 6 or 8 times what the product weighed. They could have picked it up with 1 hand and leaned it on the wall of the truck. It would have taken up almost 0 space, but that doesn't make them $250.
  9. And no vasoline provide neither huh EA!
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  10. EA

    EA Well-Known Member

    Nope. I think they threw a little sand in for good measure.
  11. byrdman

    byrdman Well-Known Member

    George now you can devote yourself full time hunting bigfoot and get some really good threads going here
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  12. DakotahRose

    DakotahRose Member

    Although I see many good points and insights, I have to admit I'm dissapointed to see several mentions of the "young people" or "newbies" in the industry with their "snowflake attitudes" ruining shows and this industry...

    I personally have never seen a newbie or young person throw a fit at a show. I have seen veterans in the industry do it. I've seen way more judges and veterans in the industry with entitlement issues than ive seen in this "new generation."

    I go to shows to learn, and to have fun. I see that with 90% of the rest of people in attendance also...

    Although I'm sure there's validity to a lot said here, I think theres also much to be said for those who adapt with a changing industry instead of sinking because they're too stubborn to accept change.

    Granted I don't do this full time and haven't been around long or accomplished much in the past 3 years I've been in the industry, but when I see what I want I make it happen. I've started selling mounts as fine art, and have been asked to do art gallery shows while also working part time doing freelance for other traditional studios. Things have definitely been at an upswing for me personally.

    I don't think I'm anywhere near the best at what I do, but when I see opportunity and ways to utilize it to my strengths, I take it. And I think the people who will maintain success in taxidermy do the same. I have friends who also do art/design inspired taxidermy like myself, extremely profitably. I have friends that are great marketers and take in traditional, client work from all over the country. I see many people in the industry who are genuinely talented at what they do and have adapted to both social and technological changs and are doing better and better by the year.

    Sometimes intelligence isn't just 'getting out while you can,' it's knowing how to adapt your craft and skills to a changing market.
  13. bob wendt

    bob wendt indiana, wyoming and kansas

    great read george. I could have substituted "trappers assoc" in place of taxidermy assocs and shows, and told the identical story, or maybe worse. I think we are all walking dinosaurs. our children and grandchildren will never see what we saw up till about 1987. that is when it went to poo in the world of a trapper. the only difference is I feel blessed to the max to live the life I`ve lived. I feel like the last mountain man most days.I still get to trap in the wilderness of the plains and the rocky mountains. I don`t make much $, but I still get to do it. see the sunrises and live a life the rest of the world only dreams about. may the wind always be at your back george!
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  14. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    I have not seen that with USPS yet. I did get audited routinely when I had a UPS account telling me my boxes were bigger than presented. The boxes were the same diameter as it says on the bottom! Standard size boxes!

    The problem with you guys is you are sticking with UPS! UPS does't care!
  15. livbucks

    livbucks Well-Known Member

    I think it was an email or something from USPS saying they were starting to scrutinize the actual weight more accurately and that they can charge your account if you understate the weight. Something to that effect. I use their boxes so it isnt a measurement issue. Have not had it happen so far.
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  16. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    I don't have an account with the Post Office so...
  17. Up date on the ups / 500.00 bucks saga. Funds was deposited back in my account today!
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  18. EA

    EA Well-Known Member

    Thats just enough to throw George a retirement party. Where and When? :)
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  19. Sotired

    Sotired Active Member

    Just caught this George! Yup! You waited a LOT longer than I did!!!;)

  20. socalmountainman

    socalmountainman Northwestern School of Taxidermy - Class of '73

    I do taxidermy because it's fun. Started back in the 70's with Northwestern like most of us. I enjoy my craft. Don't care about ribbons and trophies and I never take in more work than I can handle. But I want to keep it that way. Nice and easy. The young taxidermist closest to me has a mortgage and little kids. He can't turn anyone away because it is his livelihood. He chose that path. Attends every fair and show to promote his work. He is almost two years out from what clients tell me. I would hate to look at my hobby craft as work. It just wouldn't be fun anymore. Besides, I like doing it when I feel like it. Sometimes I just want to drink beer all day. And then sometimes, I get forced to take the little lady on a trip..... life is good!
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