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How does everyone anchor their bird legs standing on a limb?

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by Garrett906, May 10, 2018.

  1. Garrett906

    Garrett906 New Member

    I'm having trouble thinking of ways to wire a birds legs standing on a limb. I have anchored birds to limbs where the bottom of the limb was hidden (for example a table top mount), and just run the wire through the limb and bend over underneath. But for a wall hanging mount the bottom of the limb is clearly visible, how is the wire hidden? Can I use a short wire protruding from the bottom of the foot and use some sort of adhesive to lock in the wire without running the wire all the way through the limb? Also I have a turkey and a few ducks to mount in this pose, does the process change for larger birds like turkeys?
  2. Dark Man

    Dark Man Well-Known Member

    After you run your wires through the limb dremel outthe bottom and bend your wire to fit in there.after its secured blend in with some Apoxy then texture and color match
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  3. 3bears

    3bears Well-Known Member

    I take a spade bit and ream the center of the piece of wood out from the wall side and go from there, there are multiple options for attachment with doing it this way.
  4. Nancy C

    Nancy C Well-Known Member

    Apoxie Clay is your friend. Bend the ends of the wires into your pre-made groove, secure them firmly with staples or screws, and then cover them with the Apoxie Clay. It has no sheen at all and can easily be textured and colored to perfectly blend into wood.
    It's only drawback is that it can crack or break over time if it's trying to anchor a wiggly wire - that's why you want to make sure that the wires don't move.
  5. Fallenscale

    Fallenscale Well-Known Member

    This is how I would tackle it I would take a wooden dowel drill a hole in it with the wire through the dowel epoxy the wire into the Dowel drill the drill hole in the limb put a epoxy in the limb press it down in let dry
  6. Tanglewood Taxidermy

    Tanglewood Taxidermy Well-Known Member

    For turkeys, I thread the end of the 6 gauge wire that I wired the legs with.
    I drill a hole slightly bigger than the wire into the limb all the way through.
    I take a spade bit on the bottom of the limb and drill a hole bigger than a socket wrench that will be used to thread a nut onto the threaded wire and just deep enough so that the end of the wire does not protrude below the limb.
    Put the wire into the hole and seat your feet.
    Now I secure the wire to the limb with the nut and Apoxy sculpt over the hole at the bottom of the limb and paint to match the limb.
  7. Tom Maul

    Tom Maul Active Member

  8. joeym

    joeym Old Murphey

    On turkeys, I drill a 1/4" hole where the legs are gonna sit. Test placement, then cut the wires so that they do not protrude out of the lower side. Then, set the turkey on the limb, and screw a drywall screw alongside the wire. You can hide the head of the drywall screw with apoxy. I do the same on ducks and pheasants, using a drill bit that correcponds with the wire size.
  9. BrookeSFD16

    BrookeSFD16 Well-Known Member

    All I do is drill my holes a little bigger than the wire. Stick wires in and cut off flush at the bottom of the limb. Screw a sheet rock screw into the hole next to the wire while holding down on the bird feet. Make sure your hole is big enough, but not too big. Too small and you'll split the wood. Too big and the screw won't catch and hold the wire. Then cover your screw head with a dab of epoxy. I usefree form air because it takes stain just like wood. Let dry and stain or paint to hide. This works for me on standing limbs, and flying birds up to Mallard size.
  10. Garrett906

    Garrett906 New Member

    Lots of great advice, thank you all so much. I'll be sure to try out these different methods.
  11. dmac1175

    dmac1175 Active Member

    I use the method with the screw along side of wire that Joey and Brooke mentioned. On ducks I also use hot glue on wire and dab a little on bottom of webbing and put duck in place.
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  12. duxrus

    duxrus Active Member

    On ducks I just cut the attachment wire shorter than the limb after it dries and use simple hot glue. It will drip out the bottom and with a quick wipe it will basically blend itself. Never had an issue over the years. They aren’t coming off