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raw/untanned/dried hides, skulls, or carcasses

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by jackalhide, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. i am rather new to taxidermy, tanning, and bone cleaning+articulation, and would like to get what i can to get more experience as well as build up a decent collection of finished products.
    with that being said, i am interested in buying untanned skins, raw skulls, and raw bones to work with. of course, the less expensive, the better, and while i understand that any hobby is an investment, if you're down to haggle, so am i.
    if you have anything like i've listed above that you've been trying to get rid of, send me a message and give me an offer. thanks.
  2. bob wendt

    bob wendt indiana, wyoming and kansas

    I haVE QUITE bit listed on the for sale forum. skulls and hides both.

  3. rosscoak

    rosscoak Member

    I have a myriad of alaska fur bearer skulls and skeletons available at reasonable prices. From wolf to marten, black bear too.
    Text ...907 321 3174
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  7. I have hundreds of raw pelts, muskrat, mink, bobcat, coyote, red fox, arctic fox, wolves, wolverines, blue fox, marten, beaver, otter, etc. etc. Also full skinned bobcat and some skulls of various types if you want to buy some....
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