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Taxidermist Lost Antlers..What should I do?

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by Mrme9402, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. 3bears

    3bears Well-Known Member

    I will and I'll sleep better as well without worrying about a freezer.
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  2. msestak

    msestak Well-Known Member

    what ever happened with those lost antlers ? :D

  3. boarhunter67

    boarhunter67 Well-Known Member

    I had one older one and one newer skinny one.
  4. FishArt

    FishArt Well-Known Member

    I think if things went bad the smell might be a dead giveaway!
  5. FishArt

    FishArt Well-Known Member

    Remind me not to stand near you during a thunderstorm!
  6. boarhunter67

    boarhunter67 Well-Known Member

    My wife had a new car that kept not starting. They claimed I was erasing the computer that let the car recognize key fob chip because I had too much static electricity. Lol. My brother is a mechanic and when I told him that he said he believed it because I've never been able to wear digital watches. Lol.
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  7. Megan :)

    Megan :) Well-Known Member

    What? Isn't this the freezer alarm thread?
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  8. BowDeadly

    BowDeadly "LIFE IS GREAT" It's better with a bow

  9. byrdman

    byrdman Well-Known Member

    still wondering how he called you "with" your deer after 9 months and you were excited to see the " results" that would mean it was done
  10. byrdman

    byrdman Well-Known Member

    thought it was the bigfoot thread....?
  11. Megan :)

    Megan :) Well-Known Member

    There is always a bigfoot threat!
    I mean "thread", there is always a bigfoot thread......
  12. byrdman

    byrdman Well-Known Member

    rrrright...., never a threat from a non- existant "monster" .... just a threat from the morons that believe in em
  13. juli

    juli Active Member

    crappy thing to have to go through... for both you (customer) and your taxidermist. Truly it is EVERY taxidermists worst nightmare! You will know how much your taxidermist wants to make things right by his desire to 'fix' the situation, no matter what it cost him (reasonably, of course). Ask him if he knows what the Golden Rule is.
  14. TCrawford

    TCrawford Member

    Wow! Words wouldn’t describe how livid I would’ve been to hear that. I always put the heads im doing as european mounts in my back yard on top of a tall stack of pallets where no varmints can run off with them but all the bugs and flies can take care of the leftovers. Not the same case but similar story my father knows a guy who was hunting a lease not far from us. He shot the biggest deer he’d ever seen. Made a bad shot and tried to trail it. Eventually called tracking dogs in. When they finally found the deer the antlers where cut off. Some sorry s.o.b. was out there trespassing found the deer and cut them off. They never recovered the antlers . Said the bases where the size of a coke can.
  15. Tanglewood Taxidermy

    Tanglewood Taxidermy Well-Known Member

    He said when he got the call, he thought it would be to tell him it was done. Only when the taxidermist began to talk did he realize that the call was for a different purpose. No where in his first post did he say the taxidermist told him anything other than he lost his antlers.
  16. Find a different taxidermist. Yours is negligent and just may have them on his own deer in his house. Sounds shady to me. Sorry for your loss that's bs