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Moldy bear hide

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by rasorbackq, Aug 29, 2018.

  1. Harvested a 385lb bear last season and didn't want to complete it until I sold my 415 lb bear rug. It was all tanned and I ran out of freezer space so I thawed and dried it . Sometime in the spring I laid it out in the basement on the wood pile and over the last few months the humidity has increased very high in the basement I never noticed the mold growing.
    . Now its covered in mold as the hide is very damp. I just tossed it outside to let the sun get to it . I'm pretty sure the sun will dry the hide and kill the mold . Is there a better way I should handle this hide..
  2. If the mold stays in the skin, ive used a diluted chlorine bleach and water solution say...50/50 mix of each. I apply it with a toothbrush (your brush should be bigger for a bear) and that’s the only thing I’ve found to kill mold and keep it from coming back. May stiffen the hide a bit so be careful about how much is used and hopefully it won’t come to that

  3. OhDear

    OhDear New Member

    I have had success with vinegar in killing mold. Clean off, then wipe down with a rag and 75% white vinegar to water.
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