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Experienced taxidermist wanted

Discussion in 'Taxidermy Employment' started by Jon W., Sep 24, 2018.

  1. Jon W.

    Jon W. Member

    Growing studio in Central Texas seeking experienced taxidermist. Must be team oriented and ready to work hard. Pay will be competitive and based on what you bring to the table. Typically start quality taxidermists around $50,000/yr. Please send me a Personal Message and I will give you more details.
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  2. Live in San Antonio, 15 + years of operating my own shop in PA. Can do what ever you need and then some.

  3. Jon W.

    Jon W. Member

    PM sent
  4. Ernest Moyo

    Ernest Moyo New Member

  5. Ernest Moyo

    Ernest Moyo New Member

    Hi? I'm Ernest Moyo a taxidermist from Zimbabwe with nine years experience worked with different taxidermists in South Africa,Namibia and Zimbabwe. In South Africa and Namibia was teaching the guys to mount. Just started my fibreglass fish project. My cellphone number is +263712977409 and +263774952745
  6. Alphine

    Alphine New Member

    Hi Jake, please contact my email: [email protected], I have a wonderful opportunity for you. Our new office and workshop with modern facilities has been open for 6 months now and we have ample room for new employees. Thanks for contacting me. Regards, Hans.
  7. aa.lawson

    aa.lawson New Member

    My name is Aaron Lawson, and I’ve been working during the winter months as a mammal taxidermist since 2003.
    (Might know who I am, if you watched the show “Mounted one Alaska” on the History channel, in 2010-2011)

    I also currently work in Alaska as a big game hunting and fishing guide, but have cut back on fish guiding in recent years, so my summer season is shorter, xleaving more time for me in the studio.
    I’m currently working for Lombardo’s Taxidermy, in St.Clair MI, and I’m willing to relocate.
    I’ve worked in:

    ID (WildlifeArtestry)

    CA (Bischoffs’s Taxidermy, International BigGame Studio of Taxidermy, Wildlife Creations),

    AK (Knight’s Taxidermy, Arctic Fox Taxidermy),

    MI (Lombardo’s Taxidermy)

    I can mount any mammal.
    I can make the appropriate alterations to the form to fit the hide properly.
    I understand the importance of detail, to make the mount appear as life like as possible.
    Lots of African, North American, New Zeland, Asian, European,and Australia experience.
    Have not done a lot of finish, or habitat work, but have a solid base of knowledge, and will catch on quickly, with hands on instruction.
    I’ve worked in small, one on one shops, to studio’s with more that twenty employees under one roof.
    I’m a team player, not afraid of hard work, willing to teach anyone what I know, want to learn what I can from others, regardless of experience, and I always keep the customer in mind when mounting a piece, as they will have to look at it for the rest of their lives.

    Contact me at:
    [email protected]