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Huge cleaned cat skeleton

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Schrecken, Sep 26, 2018.

  1. Way back in the early 80's I picked a huge house cat off the side of the road while I was riding my ten speed on a sunny afternoon. I really didn't know how to clean it so I more or less nature cleaned it and then bleached the bones (yes, unfortunately I used real bleach but back then that's all anyone knew of for the most part). Later on I articulated the whole thing and mounted it in a rampant lion sort of pose. The wires were part of the articulation where the whole thing was set onto a piece of plywood. Unfortunately I also used plaster to fill in the broken or missing portions of the skull (which was damaged) and glued parts together with 5 minute epoxy. A whole lesson on how not to prepare skulls and skeletons.

    Anyway, the main thing about this skeleton is its size. This is the biggest domestic cat skeleton I've ever seen or handled in all the years I've been cleaning skulls and bones. The skull is just under 4" long (back is reconstructed in plaster so the exact length will never be known). Based on the length of the front legs this cat would have stood at least 12 or maybe 13" tall at the shoulder. The complete length is 30" - this includes the skull, spine and tail all the way out to the tip, of which a couple of small bones seem to be missing. No idea of breed, if any. Many years ago when I moved I dis-articulated it and stored it, where it has been ever since.

    It is doubtful that this skeleton could be completely restored, but it could be re articulated or used for other art or craft projects. Photos below are direct links.
    $30 shipped anywhere in the US. Please PM or e-mail me. I will check back to this thread but I may not do so every day.

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  2. TTT
  3. Still available - price update - shipping included in price.