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First Bird

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by AntleredDoe, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. AntleredDoe

    AntleredDoe New Member

    I just got a female mallard from a friend who said I could pratice on. Taxidermy is only a hobby, but I still want this bird to look nice, and I've never done a bird before.

    So I'm wondering, what might be the easiest pose to do, and what's a good video/book to buy before I start this project?

  2. CKolar

    CKolar Member

    If I had it to do over again, I'd so a sitting mount. I did a banking for my first and it looks like crap. Keeping it simple would be the best method. That just my $.02

  3. Becky P

    Becky P One must believe the glass is half full.

    Standing. Get one of the bird breakthrough manuals.
  4. longbow

    longbow Guest

    Get a video from WASCO by Savides you get to see what he's doing while he's telling you how to do it. It's a lot better than trying to put pictures in a book to the written word. (Voice of experience speeking) Study a butchered chicken at the butcher store or meat counter for muscles and joint placement. Do it standing as flying includes a few extra wires that can get in the way on a first mount. Get experience then get fancy also if possible wrap your own body from excelsior, wet it down and tie it tight it will be more forgiving than foam as you try to acheive the pose you are looking for. Study your reference time and time again and when you are ready to give up put it in the fridge go take a rest from it and when you come back it's with a fresh mind and previous difficulties seem smaller. Have fun and enjoy the challenge and make sure by the time you get this one done you have another one waiting you'll be addicted in no time to feathers.
  5. Jims Wildlife Studio

    Jims Wildlife Studio Full Time PA Taxidermist

    I agree with Becky and longbow, Do it standing. It will save you allot of headaches. Good Luck.
  6. AntleredDoe

    AntleredDoe New Member

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I wanted to do a flying mount, but after reading a couple articles in magizines and looking at the posts here, I think a standing or sitting mount will be better for a first timer.

    The video from WASCO, does it use real or artifical feet? The real skull? A foam or wrapped body?

    Thanks again.
  7. My first mount was a standing mount. I found it hard to get the neck positioned properly and the wings in the pockets. My suggestion would be a dead mount, but I don't think you would go wrong with either. Chances are your first mount will look bad, but critique it, solicit critiques, and learn from it. Your mounts will improve with every attempt.
  8. BeckyBird

    BeckyBird My Baby Bluebirds

    Standing mount, for sure.....I would also use thinner sized neck wire too, just so you can twist and curve the neck without too much resistance. You will probably have to move it around a lot to get the pose you want. If you can, try to save the carcass and neck, and when you go to mount the duck, bring out the parts to look at. You can see how the duck's neck should bend by looking at its real neck. People also say you shouldn't do this, but I like to make the body a little bit smaller than the duck's real body. This gives you a little more room to move around the skin. You definately don't want the body to be too big, or it will be hard to pose the duck. Good luck!