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Need Help, New To Tanning

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by Rileyb10, Oct 24, 2018.

  1. TPT66

    TPT66 New Member

    Two questions regarding salinity and neutralizing:
    1. Most of us all use litmus paper and monitor pH regularly. In your opinion, should we ALSO use a salinometer? I've never monitored the salinity of my pickles or tans, so I'm not aware of how/if it changes throughout the process.

    2. I can certainly understand "over-neutralizing" in terms of the ammount of time one takes....but what pH level should we be shooting for in most cases?
    I've always considered a pH of 7 to be neutral. However, many of the posts here mention tanning solutions being in the 4-5 range. Would a pH over 5 also be considered over-neutralized?
  2. big dan

    big dan Member

    I currently use tanzall and I like the results. However I did not care for the acid they sell. I let the hide dry rock hard after tanning for "water displacement" then rehydrate and it seems to really help.

  3. I didn't read all of the replies so I may be repeating some info. Your slippage could be a result of improper field care or improper handling in your shop; although I doubt the later. I personally tan all of my hides and furs to be mounted and I send out everything to be soft tanned. I haven't ventured into trying too many different tanning methods because the initial process and chemicals I learned and use have always worked well. I use Oxalic Acid for my pickle primarily because it maintains a pH of 1 for long periods of time if needed. I do keep citric acid on-hand as well just to use in a pinch in case I run out or forget to order oxalic acid, but it seems I can only reach and maintain a pH of 2 and I have to frequently add chemical to maintain the pH level.

    As for tanning I have always used Lutan-F. Not saying that other products are not as good its just what I have always used and it produces great results. Plus I have seen 25-30 year old mounts tanned with Lutan-F and they look as if they were recently mounted. As for oil I use Knoblochs.

    I tried Krowtan about 10 years ago and was unsure of it so I went back to Lutan. I spoke to the customer about the Krowtanned shoulder mount last spring and he said it still looked great so recently I have been using Krowtan again with good results. It is fast and easy and I have never had any issues with slippage or anything. Best of luck.