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Springhare Paws Of Shame!

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by OhDear, Oct 28, 2018.

  1. OhDear

    OhDear New Member

    Has anyone worked with a Springhare? I was brought a vintage mount today with a broken paw, among other faults. When mounted long ago, the taxidermist basically made balls of plaster for the front paws then glued down the paw on top of them. The plaster is now crumbling away and I would like to correct the paw itself- any references floating around? The back paws are pitiful but not sure what I can do for them- the long toes were broken during mounting and just glued to the base close enough to the foot that they looked attached. Ears and eye area painted a solid rather awful shade of terra cotta.
    So what I am asking is- any reference photos of details? Advice on front paws? Replacement claws? (Just one front claw missing tg).
  2. AlpineValleyTaxidermy

    AlpineValleyTaxidermy Active Member

    Do you have any pictures of it?

  3. AlpineValleyTaxidermy

    AlpineValleyTaxidermy Active Member

    Because I found some pictures of the face details and you can see the hands/front feet.

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