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Slat Walls

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by slater56, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. slater56

    slater56 Member

    Curious if anyone has any experience with slat walls in their showrooms. Looking for options to hang finished mounts without drilling a million holes in my walls. Thanks
  2. fishmaster

    fishmaster Well-Known Member

    I have slat wall all over my shop and it's the best thing going. I have one wall in the showroom done with it. When customers fish are finished I hook them on and slide them around to get everything spaced out without having to run any screws in the wall. In the work room and drying room I have walls with it too. The stuff allows you to maximize the space you have. If you are going to be hanging heads on it I'd suggest with going with the style that has aluminum inserts that run down the slots. That style will carry a lot more weight. The cheap stuff that is made from pressed wood will fail if you hang something heavy on it.
    Search craigslist and you can often find it fairly cheap. When they redo retail spaces they often have pallet of the stuff for sale. The better stuff with the aluminum rails can run $120 a sheet to purchase new. I was lucky enough to get 6 sheets of it for about $20 a sheet. I highly recommend this stuff.

  3. slater56

    slater56 Member

    Thank you!