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Bird Mounts For Sale. Reasonable Price.

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by AubreyW, Nov 27, 2018.

  1. AubreyW

    AubreyW Active Member

    Edited again to remove recently sold ones.
    Sorry, can't get the pics off for some reason so I'm just writing sold by them
    To remove spoken for birds and add a few new ones.

    I am selling these to help less fortunate kids in my area have a better Christmas. I don't have kids of my own, but take 3-4 local boys ages 10-15 hunting and fishing . I usually buy their waders, shells, fishing gear, a Benelli in ones case. Etc.
    All this will be used to help these boys get the gear they need for their outdoor activities.
    Currently the goal is a nice kayak to allow them to duck hunt out of and maybe a trip or two out of state hunting

    I have the following birds for sale mounted.
    Message for details. Most asking prices listed now.
    Can be shipped FedEx ground.
    All waterfowl are pen raised and will come with the 3-186 transfer forms

    1 eytons treeduck standing, table top water scene asking $400

    1 silver mutation red head. Extreme water habitat in wing stretch pose on drift wood on nice oak base asking $400

    2 male African Pygmy geese. Table top.
    Serious inquiries only. These are $2500 a pair birds. Not replaceable. Will sell to help the kids for the right price.

    Standing Ringneck pheasant table top. Asking $225

    Hanging dead blue back Ringneck.
    Not on board yet. $250

    Have many to do yet.
    Ringneck mutations
    Yellow gold pheasant
    Reeves pheasant
    Siamese fire back
    Blue eared pheasant
    Scintillating copper pheasant
    6 species of grouse
    Red chuckar
    babrbary partridge
    6 species of quail
    Blue scale
    Elegant ( Benson's)
    Silver Bob white
    American widgeon
    White face treeduck
    And more
    For sale mounted ONLY!

    Contact info
    [email protected]
    Or text 229-560-5842.

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  2. AubreyW

    AubreyW Active Member

    Screenshot_20181127-204348.png IMG_20181203_164853066.jpg IMG_20181130_215110_505.jpg

    Eytons treeduck is now on base, photo updated

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  3. AubreyW

    AubreyW Active Member

    TTT and new pics added of birds that are now available.
    The yellow golden pheasant is sold, but is an example of the 2-3 more I have to do IMG_20181021_093431048.jpg IMG_20181210_174101812.jpg IMG_20181016_203919440.jpg
  4. James Greenhill

    James Greenhill New Member

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  5. AubreyW

    AubreyW Active Member

    Edited out all the sold.current mounted birds. Can't get the pics off though.

    Currently mounted and not yet sold.

    1 eytons treeduck
    1 standing Ringneck pheasant
    2 African Pygmy geese ( 1 mount)
    1 silver mutation red head.

    All others in the pics are sold, but can easily do more. Thanks for the support. Those boys are gonna love their new kayaks !

    Many more to come.
    Some on the unmounted list have sold also, but if they're still listed, I still have some available for custom mounts.