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Freezer Clean Out, Reptiles, Amphibians, Invertebrates Etc.

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by ReptiGuy1, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. ReptiGuy1

    ReptiGuy1 New Member

    These are what i currently have on hand available, if interested please email me at [email protected]. $25 minimum and possible discounts for bulk buy.

    Please reply via email for a quicker response.

    Ornamental baboon tarantula - $10

    Stripe knee tarantula - $5

    Malaysian horned frog - $15

    Juvenile leopard gecko - $7

    Culvers Dwarf Caiman baby - $55

    Adult tokay gecko - $5

    Baby red foot tortoises - $5 ea. (x2)

    Adult Madagascar giant day gecko - $8 ea. (x3)

    Juvi Madagascar giant day gecko - $4

    Baby veiled chameleon - $10

    Baby high contrast pied ball python - $20

    Baby highway ball pythons (x2) - $15 ea.

    Juvenile striped bamboo rat snake - $15

    *shipping not included.