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The Month In Fish Pictures "year 12" December 2018/ January 2019!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by Rick Krane, Dec 1, 2018.

  1. Rick Krane

    Rick Krane Fish Taxidermist/ Judge/ Sculptor/ Instructor

    The Month in Fish Pictures "Year 12" December Holiday Edition 2018!!!!!!!

    A warm welcome and Happy Holidays from Hinsdale New Hampshire!!! I wish all of you a safe and joyful time with Holidays! It can often be a stressful time for taxidermist working so hard to get trophies out the door for the holidays so take time to remember it is planning and communication that makes it go smoothly. Be happy and enjoy your holidays with your family and friends!

    A huge thanks to the countless contributors and to the many great folks who share in this great tradition that has been around for over a decade It is very true that we all begin somewhere and all the learning and work hard that goes in to the pursuit at being is what makes us the taxidermists we become

    This tradition of the Month in Fish Pictures has always has been a spot on the taxidermy.net where folks can and do come to show their work without criticism and hard comments! So, let’s remember to always keep it that way. As the moderator of this section I do not get too involved with censorship not do I ever want too. So be respectful of all and remember we all have a long way to go and should be enjoying the processes!

    The month of November was a great month for truly inspiring photos so let’s continue the contributions! Thanks to all the friends sharing their gifts and talents! I took some time during the day week to see all the great looking at some truly inspiring works of fish art!

    Inspiration in what we share is part of the friendliness and positive observations of fans of fish work. This is a great place to start in upward in direction of inspiration other with your work regardless of your skill level as a fish taxidermist or fishcarver!

    Be thankful for your gifts of great passion and talent as an artist! It is a blessing to me for our lives to be joined from time to time to share and learn from one another so thank you for your great taxidermy work and your lives continue to be blessed with inspiration!!!!

    I want to say thank you for join me each month for each installment of the Month in Fish Pictures to share in your successes and accomplishments! I have seen first-hand the great strides so many have made with beautiful fish work! Good for you and congratulations on your hard work!!!!

    I want to also thank all the great contributors who not only share their personal great talents and work but also rather give such positive inspiration to all of us!

    From beginners to the best in the world we all join in every month in a critique free and hassle free string with nothing more than great artist and inspiring fish taxidermist and carves get together to share with one another their praise and inspiration of good will and friendship to one another. No egos just friendly folks who appreciate the efforts of others!

    I want to start the month of December with a Brown Trout reproduction from our friend Joe Pavia from Portugal during his workshop.

    Can’t wait to see your work this month! See you in 2019! Be safe and be kind to one another!

    Happy Holidays!

    You're Friend
    Rick Krane

    A few Photos of Joe Pavia's Brown Trout project!


    UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_5f3b.jpg UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_5f3d.jpg

  2. jemmick

    jemmick Active Member

    Love the tiger , you always do such a great job. I think tigers are my favorite fish colorwise!!:)
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  3. Mudbat

    Mudbat Well-Known Member

    Last edited: Dec 4, 2018
  4. ND state record walleye
    skin mount record walleye taxidermy .jpg
  5. fishmaster

    fishmaster Well-Known Member

    walleye replica. blank from Envision 3d Iwalleye.jpg
  6. Mudbat

    Mudbat Well-Known Member

    That thing missed zero meals
  7. fishmaster

    fishmaster Well-Known Member

    a 41" redfish. McKenzie/arps blank. A crappy outdoor pic but... redfish.jpg
  8. lapoisse

    lapoisse Active Member

    Salmo salar
    1,01 m/ 40 inch
    rivière : Mörrum
    pays :Suède


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. AnglingArtisan

    AnglingArtisan Well-Known Member

    24.5" Stocker Brown from VA with some interesting vermiculation type markings
    DSC_0008 (3).JPG
  10. Trashfish

    Trashfish It's not easy being me!!

    Skin Mount Brookie _DSC4897edit.jpg

    Attached Files:

  11. AnglingArtisan

    AnglingArtisan Well-Known Member

    DSC_0007 (2).JPG
  12. Perca

    Perca Well-Known Member

    That's a most impressive scale painting job Rich. Congrats!!
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  13. Jimmy Lawrence

    Jimmy Lawrence Well-Known Member

    Whoa what a great month so far. I should have a bunch to post next month.
  14. Mudbat

    Mudbat Well-Known Member

    BCB52711-0CE5-498E-93D9-F1BF37CBF349.jpeg Skinmount king
    Replica heads and fins
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  15. hambone

    hambone Well-Known Member

    Nice seeing all these skin mounts it shows a persons talent, good work fellas.
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  16. Swissfish

    Swissfish Well-Known Member

    Skin mount of a Gudgeon (Gobio gobo) using the real head. Original size of the head = Fingernail. Merry Christmas and a Happy and Successful New Year to everyone!

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  17. rogerswildlife

    rogerswildlife Rogers Wildlife Taxidermy Tommy Rogers

    Man I hate to even post a picture in here ! Absolutely amazing work everyone! Here's a 11 lbs 3D arp repo from me for a 13 year old boy for Christmas! Did tail per customers picture.
    Tommy 20181201_165839.jpg
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  18. Multispeciestamer

    Multispeciestamer Active Member

    So Second time sharing on here. These are my 2,3,4th fish ever. The Top bluegill, the grass pickerel, and the warmouth are all on hand carved forms. The bottom bluegill is a rework that another taxidermist did for my dad when I was a child. The pickerel I painted once before and when I applied the cheap spray on clear coat that another taxidermist recommended it ate/reacted with the paint so I did it all over again a little differently. The top bluegill is my latest. I hope you can see the progression. I am least happy with how my fins are.

    (still looking for a clear coat, but ill start my own thread for that I think)
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  19. Trashfish

    Trashfish It's not easy being me!!

    Looks much better than my early fish, keep up with the learning along with trial and error.
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