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Freezer Clearance-tanned African Capes/lifesize

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by kdtaxi, Dec 13, 2018.

  1. kdtaxi

    kdtaxi KD Taxidermy & Koeshall's World Hunting Adventures

    Have picts of all skins. Email me for picts and info. PayPal/credit card only. You pay shipping from Wisconsin. Call Kevin at 715-572-1770 or email [email protected] for info. All were dry tanned by Wildlife Gallery recently, and are rehydrated, sized, and damage noted, frozen. Measurements of neck are McKenzie B and are conservative. Life-size measurements are actual skin size, not form size, especially length.

    African Lioness (only available in Wisconsin)

    5 3/4 x 26neck x 43 girth x 70L $2500 mint condition

    Sable Cape: 28" mint condition. $900

    Lifesize Impala: Mint condition, 20N x 36g x 66L (skin length) $500

    Kudu Cape

    34", huge May rut bull, some epidermis slip but easily painted out, short Y $450

    Life-size Limpopo Bushbucks

    13n x 30g x 56L, slip on right side of skin , stomach area, make a good dead mount $250

    14n x 32g x 55L, nice condition. was split down front of neck. $250

    Eland Cape

    Dry measurement= 34". some slip on back of neck. Big cape. $250

    Impala Capes (all short Y)

    18", perfect. $350

    16", perfect. $330

    17", excellent condition, couple small skinning cuts, $300

    18", excellent condition, dark face, $330

    Blesbok Capes

    17", good condition, split down back $250

    17", small slip spot near ear but, shoulder bullet hole, short Y, $250

    17", exc. condition, cut at base of ear, short Y, $290

    Blue Wildebeest Capes
    22", slip on forehead, but nice cape, short Y, $200
    27", excellent condition, short Y, $300
    30", some slip on nose and jaw, paintable, short Y, $100
    31, excellent condition, split down back, $300

    Gemsbok Capes
    28", excellent color, short Y, tick damage on brisket, repairable. $350


    Burchell's: 26" cape, very nice, cut/scar on shoulder, easy sew, $450
    Burchell's: flat skin for rug. Has a few slip spots that can be painted by rugger. $500


    Life-size skin: 14n x 28g x 46L, perfect condition, $500


    Life-size: 30N x 36G x 50L, good condition, $400