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Fish Reference Photo-even Non-fish Heads Might Be Interested

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by joeym, Dec 15, 2018.

  1. joeym

    joeym Jeannette & Joey @ Dunn's Falls

    C82B8BFA-C6F2-46DD-90EA-E0FE7508A4C8.jpeg Guy sent me this photo of a fish his wife had caught. Wanted a repro painted just like it. I’ve been trying to focus on the fish for two days now. Can’t understand why I can’t focus on the fish!
  2. Probably the nice boat in the background .
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  3. That gal has a big Bass
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  4. Sotired

    Sotired Active Member

  5. Clew

    Clew Help a child, Build our future

    York, SC
    where do you guys see these fish?
  6. Sotired

    Sotired Active Member

    In the water!o_O

  7. jigginjim

    jigginjim Active Member

    Photos to cluttered, have fish in the way. HA HA! although in the first pkoto you can't see anal fin very well.
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