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After Pressure Washing

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by pir^2h, Dec 15, 2018.

  1. pir^2h

    pir^2h Retrievers give you the bird

    I pressure washed/fleshed a whitetail today. Is it necessary to go back over the hide with the fleshing machine or can I immediately start the salting, pickling etc. I am home tanning with EZ-100. Thanks for any insights!

  2. joeym

    joeym Jeannette & Joey @ Dunn's Falls

    No, shave after you pickle.

  3. Bruce_Rittel

    Bruce_Rittel Consultant Services

    But wait until its thoroughly (normally) Pickled -3 days! Once it's Pickled it will slightly swell (Salt) and it will be easier to Shave. If you don't wait the skin will still be thinner and easier to cut through the flesh.
  4. pir^2h

    pir^2h Retrievers give you the bird

    I threw it back into the pickle after I pressure washed it because I figured it would be safe there until I got further information. Thanks guys!
  5. joeym

    joeym Jeannette & Joey @ Dunn's Falls

    I don't tan deer capes, but if I did, I'd pressure wash, turn the face, salt, and allow the cape to drain overnight before going into a pickle. Pressure washing puts a lot more water into the skin, and salt will aid in pulling that out. This also makes the skin "thirsty" so it will absorb the pickle readily.